eCommerce Evolution Podcast

Episode 104 - Building Your Business to Sell it & Navigating an Acquisition with a Large Company with Mike Ugino of SellBrite

Mike Ugino is the CMO and co-founder of Sellbrite a SaaS platform for marketplace sellers. Sellbrite was recently acquired by GoDaddy.

Episode 103 - Story Selling with Jaime Cross of MIG Soap

Who doesn’t love a good story? As humans, we’ve relied on storytelling for entertainment since the beginning of time.

Episode 102 – Checkout Optimization with Jeremiah Allen at Fat Bullfrog

Jeremiah has been driving growth for eCommerce companies since before the internet was cool and has helped a lot of company founders grow.

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Making them Say Yes: Irresistible Offers

Success in eCommerce is the continual pursuit of getting more people to say “yes.” And you need to get more than just one type of “yes.” You need someone to say “yes” to visiting your website,

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How to hire the perfect agency or freelancer

Your brand is growing. Congratulations! Where is the best place to start when thinking about hiring an agency or freelancer?

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Video Marketing Trends

I’ve personally been urging eCommerce store owners to invest in video marketing since 2010. It’s hard to believe, but I’m still saying some of the same things a decade later...

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Does it Pay to be Funny?

Claude Hopkins, one of the grandfathers of direct response marketing once wrote that “no one buys from clowns,” and that it doesn’t pay ...

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The Ultimate Marketing X-Factor

There’s one marketing factor that trumps nearly all others… When you combine it with other solid marketing practices, it can give you an almost unfair advantage…