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One of the keys to our success is our internal culture, which requires all team members to not just demonstrate but also protect our core values. "We treat each other like family" is one of those values and that is exactly what we are!
A little bit about us

The OMG Culture


Care applies to each other (internal), and to our clients & partners (external). If we genuinely care, we’ll produce excellent work, deliver tangible results, and be authentic in what we say and do. As part of this, we look out for others on the team as much as we look out for ourselves. We also care about our clients, our industry community, and various charitable efforts both locally and globally.


We have fun working hard just as much as we do playing hard. Solving problems and delivering results is what we live for at OMG. Biweekly team lunches, happy hours, random cornhole tournaments, holiday spirit weeks, and annual summits are just the icing on the cake.

Constant Improvement

We have an insatiable appetite for learning how we can improve ourselves, for “what’s next” on the horizon for online marketing, and for how we can impact our clients’ businesses. We believe breakthroughs and innovative ideas don’t just come from the top, they come from anyone and everyone on the team.

What our team has to say

OMG is an organization that I never thought I would find. The company truly cares for its employees in a way that no other organization does. The office environment is friendly, happy, and efficient. I feel valued and appreciated as an employee, and I feel like my talents and abilities are made to shine. Anyone would be lucky to work for this organization.

Patricia Baker

Finance / HR Director

I look forward to going to work! It's a pleasure collaborating on a team of smart, friendly and fun people on the leading edge of digital marketing to help our clients achieve their goals. (And we're crushing it for them!) OMG is a principled company with a culture based on shared values that fosters good people doing interesting work to produce great results...and have a lot of fun too.

Greg Maycock

Director of Google

Open Positions

Account Managers

Every client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who serves as the primary point of contact. All requests, new product information, questions about the account and action items are tracked and shared by the AM with the appropriate members of the team. They also coordinate any client calls as well as review the ongoing performance on the account.


Our Specialists are responsible for the day-to-day management and optimization of campaigns. Each client has a specific Specialist assigned to each service, all targeting the overall goals of the clients' business.

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