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How to Market in an Economic Downturn

We’ll always need stuff. That hasn’t changed and won’t change in this or any future downturn. How we market may have to change a bit.

3 Ways To Power Through From Uncertainty to Certainty

Do you feel it? It’s in the air. That feeling of uncertainty. You might find my process helpful. It’s simple — Rise, Eat, Pray, Read, Meditate, Pray. Power Through.

How To Optimize Standard Shopping Campaigns in 3 Easy Steps

OMG Commerce’s Matt Slaymaker lays out three easy ways that any business can improve their Google Shopping results and how you can start doing this today.

Q&A: New Hire Training

While every business model is unique and the specific training topics may vary, clear and focused training should be a consistent priority.

You’ve hired… Now what?

A team member’s first day is their first impression on your organization, priorities, and communication. Emphasize expectations with your actions, not just words.

Culture-Focused: Leadership Development

If you are leading with character and candidness, and expect your leadership team to do the same, once you have the right people I am confident you will have success!

Culture-Focused: Finding your Second in Command

We have learned a lot over the past 10 years of growing our agency and these insights can help you skip several years of trial and error.

Three fresh perspectives when hiring an ecommerce marketing agency

Here are Chris Brewer's three fresh perspectives on what to avoid when hiring a new eCommerce marketing agency

A lesson in client-care from a six year-old

There are plenty of adages and quotes that express the ability to learn from people of all ages, or the benefit of applying an experience to another area of life.

20 Tools eCommerce Marketers Can’t Live Without

As 2020 draws to a close, here are the top tools our team and clients at OMG Commerce can't live without this year.

How To: Protecting Your Organizational Culture

Every organization has a culture. Some are intentional, some are accidental, and many are a combination of good intentions and poor implementation.

Cyber 5 Recap - 2020

While holiday shopping is still in full swing at the time of this writing, we do have some preliminary numbers for the Cyber 5 2020...