Leadership Articles

Q&A: New Hire Training

While every business model is unique and the specific training topics may vary, clear and focused training should be a consistent priority.

You’ve hired… Now what?

A team member’s first day is their first impression on your organization, priorities, and communication. Emphasize expectations with your actions, not just words.

Culture-Focused: Leadership Development

If you are leading with character and candidness, and expect your leadership team to do the same, once you have the right people I am confident you will have success!

Culture-Focused: Finding your Second in Command

We have learned a lot over the past 10 years of growing our agency and these insights can help you skip several years of trial and error.

A lesson in client-care from a six year-old

There are plenty of adages and quotes that express the ability to learn from people of all ages, or the benefit of applying an experience to another area of life.

How To: Protecting Your Organizational Culture

Every organization has a culture. Some are intentional, some are accidental, and many are a combination of good intentions and poor implementation.

How To: Launching Your Organizational Culture

Sometimes the basics get lost and forgotten in the chaos of building a business but building something great requires providing consistent leadership day in and day out.

How To: Defining Your Organizational Culture

Defining your organizational culture may seem like a daunting project, but it is one of the most impactful activities into which you can invest your time and energy. Here's how.

World-Class: Permission to Test

As leadership, we handled developing our culture values in the typical OMG way: using our expertise and insight to develop something with a high chance of success, launching it, an

Vision of Acceleration: Client, Team, & Individual Growth

In 2016 we decided that our generic mission and vision statements needed clarification to help our team understand what sets OMG apart from other digital marketing agencies...

The Truth About Indispensable and Replaceable Employees

The words we use as leaders, parents, friends, and even with strangers impact the day-to-day world we live in.

Building a World Class Team

We have spent substantial time developing a hiring process that ensures we're adding long-term, valuable team members to OMG. This taught me one major lesson...