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What is AMP?

AMP, or Accelerated Marketing Portfolio, is a framework for smarter marketing campaigns and smarter measurement.  It’s a comprehensive way of looking at your marketing campaigns and how they influence and engage shoppers at every stage of the buying journey.  It’s an elevated method of measuring performance across channels and campaigns for maximum growth.

Why You Need AMP

The online shopping journey has evolved.  Your approach to digital marketing needs to evolve with it.  The online purchase journey is disjointed and involves dozens of touchpoints across multiple devices.  Your campaigns need to deliver the right message at the right time to reach shoppers where they are in their journey.

Your marketing campaigns should work together, not operate as silos.  Different channels require different goals.  For example, your video campaigns won’t have the same immediate impact on sales as your search campaigns.  But, both play an important role in growing your brand. Together they create a multiplying effect that doesn’t exist if you advertise on only one channel.

The return on ad spend (ROAS) or Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) goals will vary from stage to stage but should work together to help you reach your overall portfolio goals.  THIS is what AMP is all about.  Strategically building, measuring, and managing your channels so they work synergistically to accelerate your growth.

4 AMP Stages

(and how we influence online shoppers at each stage):


At this stage of the journey a buyer isn’t aware you exist. They may be aware that a solution to their problem exists, but they aren’t aware of YOUR solution. In this stage we rely heavily on channels like the Google Display Network, YouTube and Amazon DSP Ads to target people who fit your buyer profile.


The buyer is actively comparing their options. They may not be fully aware of you yet, but they are engaged in comparison shopping. At the consideration stage, we primarily focus on Google search and shopping ads with some YouTube mixed in. For Amazon sellers we focus on sponsored products and sponsored brand ads.


The buyer has narrowed their decision down to just a few products. They are now looking for the right time to buy. Maybe they’ve even added products to cart on a few different sites without checking out yet. At this stage, we rely heavily on branded search, shopping, and sponsored campaigns as well as remarketing and cart recovery campaigns.


Reorder, Cross-Sell and Upsell. To achieve real scale it’s important to turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers.  Getting customers to buy multiple products, multiple times is essential to creating a valuable brand. Higher customer lifetime value allows you to be more aggressive with your awareness campaigns.

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