January 2023 - Conquer Your Email Marketing This Month

January Email Newsletter

A new year brings new opportunities to grow your brand and make it more resilient. If developing a strong email acquisition funnel has been on the backburner for a while, consider this your sign to make this a main focus for 2023!

Some of the brands we manage are seeing 40% or more of their revenue coming from their email & SMS channels, and if you follow these tips you can be well on your way to similar results.

Ideas To Implement This Month:

Updating Your Flows

This is a good time to go through all of your flows to see if there’s any gaps in the customer journey. Is there any key info/selling points that they should get, no matter how they first interact with your brand?

Go through each flow, and map them out to help you better understand the journey from their viewpoint.

While you're at it… it’s also a good time to update the specific messaging within the flows. Your customers will want change and a way to reinvent themselves in the new year. How can you tailor your messaging to help them achieve their goals? Instead of an outdoors brand saying “you left this in your cart”, switch that up to say “adventure is calling, will you answer?”.

What Campaigns Will Work In 2023

One big surprise from our 2022 campaigns was the fact that plain text emails still crush it. You don’t have to over complicate or over design your emails to form a connection with your customers and get them to make a purchase. Sometimes a few simple sentences can have the biggest impact.

Customer segmentation - look for new ways to segment your customers, and talk to each cohort individually. With all of the emails people get in their inbox, a little personalization goes a long way.

Ask questions and respond to their responses. The replies will send signals to the ESP’s showing them that people LOVE getting your emails. And your customers will feel heard, making them more loyal to your brand.. Yes, it’ll require a few extra hours from your CS reps, but forming those relationships is worth it. If you are strapped for time, save this strategy for high value abandoned carts, or people that just made their first purchase. Focusing on these groups will give you the biggest lift for the least work.

Put A Stronger Emphasis On SMS

Whether it’s sending more SMS’s or collecting more phone numbers, this needs to be a big part of your strategy in 2023. We’re seeing brands get a bigger and bigger percentage of their revenue from this channel, and I truly believe it’s just the beginning!

If you need some help getting your SMS program started, or you want to get your current results to the next level, give us a shout! We expanded our team in 2022, so we have a few spots open for new email/SMS clients starting this month.

Need Some Help Getting Organized?

Getting your campaigns laid out on a calendar is a big step in the right direction for your email + SMS strategy. You can use the exact same template that we use to plan out campaigns - click here to access the spreadsheet.

Upcoming Holidays

January 1 - New Year's Day #NewYearsDay

January 2 - Science Fiction Day #ScienceFictionDay

January 4 - National Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay

January 5 - National Bird Day #NationalBirdDay

January 9 - Clean Off Your Desk Day #CleanOffYourDeskDay

January 11 - Human Trafficking Awareness Day #HumanTraffickingDay

January 13 - National Sticker Day #NationalStickerDay

January 15 - National Hat Day #NationalHatDay

January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Third Monday in January) #MLKDay

January 19 - Get to Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday in Every Quarter)

January 20 - Cheese Lovers Day #CheeseLoversDay

January 21 - National Hugging Day #NationalHuggingDay

January 22 - Chinese New Year #ChineseNewYear

January 23 - National Pie Day #PieDay

January 23 - Community Manager Appreciation Day (Fourth Monday in January) #CMAD

January 24 - National Compliment Day #NationalComplimentDay

January 25 - Opposite Day #OppositeDay

January 28 - Data Privacy Day #PrivacyAware

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