Amazon Customer Engagement Tool Best Practices

Manage Your Customer Engagement

Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) lets you engage directly with your Amazon customers. MYCE helps your brand build loyal relationships with Amazon customers and helps increase visibility of your products. Essentially what this tool does is provide an email marketing tool free of charge to help with Amazon customer engagement. Watch this 1 minute video from Amazon 

The Manage Your Customer Engagement program currently supports new product announcements, 7-day deal details, and gift event guides. More creative options will be added in the future.

Who has access?

Registered brands that have an Amazon Stores page with Brand Followers. 

  • Visit Amazon Brand Registry to see if you are eligible to register your brand. Once you are registered, you can create a Stores page.  
  • How to increase Brand Followers:  Create an Amazon post that features quality content to increase followers. See OMG’s Amazon Posts Best PracticesAmazon Live gives you the ability to interact with shoppers live on Amazon & is another way to increase your brand followers.

How to access MYCE

Seller Central > Brands > Customer Engagement

Email Campaign setup

  1. Shopping Event Selection: theme options that update the visual style of the email, providing engaging and timely content. (ex. Halloween theme)
    a. Selecting a theme gives your email header a different, seasonal color and allows you to choose a seasonal banner that is otherwise not optional.
  2. Featured Product Selection:
    a. New Products: Make sure your followers are the first to know about new product launches! 
    b. Promotions: Enter the ASIN of your primary product & the option to add promo details will pop-up if available.
    i. To feature promo details on the select product, currently 7-day deal promotions are eligible.  Promos must be created 24 hrs in advance of campaign setup. Promo must have an end date of 6-days or more from your campaign start date. You will only be able to select eligible promotional details when you enter a primary campaign ASIN and click “Submit”.
  3. Supporting Image: Lifestyle image that explains the benefits of the product
    a. TIP: Check which lifestyle image
  4. Supporting Products: Can add up to 4 supporting products
  5. Schedule: Your campaign will be sent in the 5-day period starting on the date you select, subject to several restrictions.
    a. Keep in mind Amazon takes at a minimum 72 hours to approve your campaign.
    b. When selecting a date, you will see several colors indicating potential conflict:
    i. Gray dates: un-selectable (Need to give Amazon a 6-day period to moderate campaign & to prepare to send to customers)
    ii. Green dates: Selectable
    iii. Yellow: Selectable, but will have an overlap with another campaign
  6. Configure your email campaign settings: (little to no customization right now)
    a. Subject Line:  Amazon gives you a limited number of pre-set subject lines to choose from.
    i. To help you stand out in the inbox, we recommend using the ones with the dynamic name block feature = [Customer Name]
    ii. If you change the email theme from the "default product" option to any of the holiday themes, it will open up more subject line opportunities for you to choose from
    b. Section Header: visible test that appears at the top of the email body (ex. New product from a Brand you follow)
    c. Brand Logo:  3:1 horizontal layout white background JPG or transparent background PNG
    d. Email Header: Chose between white or black
    e. Name your campaign: This will not be visible to the customer

 Beta! Customer Engagement:  Tailored Audiences

With customer engagement’s tailored audiences, you can select an audience of customers to receive your campaign. Engaging specific audiences of customers with relevant content will form stronger customer relationships and improve engagement.

How can I access tailored audiences?

Tailored audiences is currently in beta and is available to a limited number of brands based on previous customer engagement campaign engagement. We are actively expanding the beta to more brands.

To be eligible for tailored audiences, your brand must have:

  • Sent 10 or more customer engagement campaigns with at least 1000 total emails sent over the last 10 campaigns
  • Average opt out to click rate less than 1% over the last 10 customer engagement campaigns
  • Note: To calculate your average opt out to click rate, calculate the number of clicks that each campaign had by multiplying the 

‘Emails delivered’ by its ‘CTR’ (Click through rate), and divide the sum of all clicks in your most recent 10 campaigns by the total ‘Emails delivered’ in those campaigns.

Which customers will receive my campaigns?

Additional Amazon details on Tailored Audiences

Other helpful links:

Example Email

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