Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads Guide & DSP Roadmap

Sponsored brand video is a relatively new ad format that incorporates video ads into search results on Amazon. Originally referred to as "video in search," sponsored brands video used to only appear in the Amazon app on iOS devices. Today, it's also available on the android Amazon app and in desktop environments. With sponsored brand video, Amazon is paving the way for the eCommerce market and making a lasting impression on consumers. 

How can Amazon sponsored brand videos get your company noticed and help you see an increase in revenue? Continue reading this Amazon video guide to learn the answer to this and much more.

What Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads Can Offer Your Business

Utilizing Amazon sponsored brand video ads to target customers is a great way to reach shoppers and boost sales. Marketing your product and services with an Amazon brand video can give your company the following benefits:

1. Scroll-stopping power. Unlike the visuals of standard product listings, an Amazon brand video contains eye-catching movement and effects. When they see a sponsored brand's video, Amazon shoppers are more likely to stop and take notice.

2. The ability to demonstrate your product better than a single image. Images are great, but nothing can make an impression quite like a video. Before shoppers make a purchase, they want to be sure the product will suit their needs and provide the service they're looking for. Demonstrating an item's features in an Amazon video ad can help customers make informed purchases in ways images and text alone can't.

3. Great advertising cost of sales (ACoS). Companies running Amazon sponsored brand video ads experience some of the lowest ACoS of any ad type. In fact, cost per click (CPC) and ACoS are usually lower for sponsored brand video ads than sponsored product ads. 

4. Solid new-to-brand performance. Currently, Amazon sponsored brand videos are located below the fold and appear that way on desktop. On average, shoppers who don't know what they want will scroll down to the bottom of a product listing page. By encountering your video ad, they'll be introduced to your services, and they very well may become first time buyers of your product.

Amazon Demand-Side Platform
(aka Amazon DSP)

Formerly known as Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), Amazon DSP ads have the power to reach buyers on and off Amazon during every stage of their shopping journey. The use of Amazon video ads gives businesses the opportunity to maximize their audience, name recognition and, most importantly, sales. You can easily generate awareness, snatch buyers away from your competitors and experience an increase in conversions. 

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