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How to Leverage Amazon for eCommerce

Get A-to-Z instructions from OMG CEO and Amazon expert, Brett Curry, on how to set up a high-converting storefront, manage product logistics, and use advanced marketing tactics to unlock the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace.
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How To Leverage Google For eCommerce

Unlock the world’s largest traffic source with Google ads.
With 6 powerful channels rolled into 1 simple platform, Google ads enable you to use full-funnel marketing campaigns to grow any business.
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Lesson Plan


Module 1 - Crucial Cornerstones Of Google Ads

1.1 - Why Google Ads and Building the Proper Framework - In this video you’ll meet your instructor, Brett Curry, and see the role Google plays in driving traffic for Ecommerce businesses.  Get a quick overview of the 4 main channels we’ll cover in the course - Google Search, Shopping, The Display Network (GDN) and YouTube.  

1.2 -  Shopping Funnels - Our job as marketers is to influence the purchase journey for our ideal customers.  We need to understand how customers are shopping and how we can best influence them. 

1.3 - Fueled by Data and Insights.  Setting and measuring goals is paramount to making Google Ads work for you.  In this video we’ll talk about the KPIs and goals you should be measuring and how to do that properly so we can make good business decisions.  We’ll discuss measuring conversion paths including direct conversions, view-through conversions, assisted conversions, building lists, and more.

1.4 - Google Analytics Setup & Enabling Remarketing Lists - In this video we walk through Google Analytics setup.  We’ll discuss how to turn on Ecommerce tracking and how to enable the building of remarketing lists that you’ll use in your campaigns.  

1.5 - Building Remarketing Lists, Setting Goals and Understanding Attribution.  In this video we’ll actually create some of our top remarketing lists.  We’ll also explore how to create goals and how to look at the top paths to conversion that your best customers take.  This will show you how different channels work together to drive conversions.  

1.6 - Connecting AdWords & Google Analytics - Now that we have audiences and conversion tracking setup in Google Analytics, we need to import them into the Google Ads interface.  Adding audiences to Google Ads allows us to target our audiences, and importing conversion data allows us to track our performance.  

1.7 - Setting up Google Merchant Center - Google Merchant Center powers your Google Shopping ads.  In this module we’ll talk about basics Merchant Center settings and how to connect Google Ads and Merchant Center. 

1.8 - YouTube Channel Setup - In this last video of module 1, we’ll discuss how to create a YouTube channel and how to connect it to Google Ads so we can run in-stream videos ads on YouTube.


Module 2 - Preparing To Run Traffic On Google

2.1 - Display Remarketing Setup - In this intro session we’ll look at how advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) works.  We’ll also look at top remarketing lists to target and we’ll build Smart Lists.  

2.2 - The Abandon Cart Remarketing Sequence - Your most profitable remarketing campaigns will almost certainly be your abandon cart sequence.  Rather than just blasting all of your cart abandoners with the same message over and over again, it’s better to hit them with a custom sequence. 

2.3 The Top 4 Remarketing Campaigns You’ll Need - In this video we’ll walk through a step-by-step demonstration of creating the remarketing campaign sequence and the top 4 remarketing campaigns you’ll need to create.  

2.4 - Display Remarketing Bidding Strategies - In this video we’ll discuss bidding.  This will influence what we pay for our GDN ad campaigns and will also dictate how often we show up and it will greatly influence the overall return on ad spend for our GDN campaigns.  

2.5 - 4 Steps to Killer Display Ads - Creating great display ads is equal parts art & sciences.  We’ll cover the 4 tips to creating killer display ads.  This will greatly influence how many people click and convert from your display ads.  

2.6 - Campaign Creation and Responsive Ads - In this video we’ll be in the Google Ads interface creating campaigns and building responsive ads.  Responsive ads are build using Google Ad builder.  Using this builder you can design some great ads without a graphic designer.s 

2.7 - Measuring Success on GDN - Your key metrics will be ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and or Cost per conversion. However, there are other metrics you’ll need to consider like view-through conversions. We’ll also discuss building custom columns in Google Ads to create your own KPIs and metrics that matter for your business.


Module 3 - Google Search

3.1 - Why Branded Search Campaigns - This is still a question we get asked a lot, though the debate has largely been put to rest.  In this video we’ll look at the strategic reasons to build these campaigns including competitive factors.  We’ll also look at how these campaigns can help you measure the effectiveness of your top-of-funnel campaigns.  

3.2 - Google Ads Account & Campaign Structure - Before we build your campaigns it's important to know the structure of your Google Ads account.  Understanding this will both influence how you build your campaigns and how you manage and optimize your campaigns.  

3.3 - Keyword Research and Match types - Google Ads are built on keywords.  In this video we explain the difference between keywords and search terms.  We also tackle match types and how to utilize match types to reach your goals. 

3.4 -  Creating Great Search Ads
- While not as challenging as creating a great display ad, building a great search ad still requires a little bit of art and science.  Learn how to combine sales power and keyword relevance into an ad that both Google and your prospects love.  We discuss expanded text ads and how to leverage ad extensions for lower costs and better performance.  

3.5 - Search Ad Campaign Creation - In this video we’ll walk through a step-by-step build out of your actual Google Search Ad campaign creation.  

3.6 - Audience targeting - Audience targeting allows you to understand and target the person behind the keyword.  This allows you to limit waste and not miss the customers you want to target most.  


Module 4 - Google Shopping

4.1 - Google Shopping Overview - Google Shopping is still one of the most consistently profitable ad channels you can advertise on.  While Google Shopping is primarily a mid-bottom of funnel channel, we’ll focus here on how it serves to meet your bottom-of-funnel objectives.  

4.2 - Product Feed Tips - Part 1 - In this video we’ll walk through the most critical components of your product feed.  Your Google Shopping campaigns are only as good as your product feed so take extra care here.  

4.3 - Google Shopping Feed Tips Part 2 & Tools - In this video we continue our discussion on the big 3 items for your product feed.  We also look at tool options that you might consider.  Feed tools can be great for automating the updating of your product feeds in terms of price, availability, adding new products and removing products that are no longer available on your site.  

4.4 - Google Merchant Center & Feed Diagnostics - In this video we walk through how to create a manual feed as well as how to run diagnostics in Google Merchant Center.  You’ll need to monitor Google Merchant Center to monitor and maintain feed health to keep your product ads showing and driving sales.  

4.5 - Google Shopping Campaign Creation - Here we look at the basics of building your first Google Shopping campaign.  

4.6 - Google Shopping RLSA Campaign Creation - Your RLSA Campaign or Remarketing List for Search Ad campaign may be your most profitable Google Shopping campaign.  Here we talk about how to make sure that anyone who’s been to your site or seen a video of yours will now see your Google Shopping ads when they shop for products in your category.  

4.7 - Measuring Success with Google Shopping - Here we’ll look at how to measure and analyze Google Shopping results. We’ll also discuss how to measure audience performance, how to manage bids and how to improve performance over time.


Module 5 - Youtube

5.1 - YouTube Intro - With over 1 Billion monthly users and a 40 minute average session duration, YouTube is a behemoth of customer attention.  Here we’ll look to get a better understanding of YouTube so we can craft better campaigns and ads.  

5.2 - YouTube TrueView Ads - In this video we’ll look at what Trueview ads are and the different campaign types/ ad formats available to you:  Trueview for Shopping and Trueview for Action.  We’ll look at how bidding works and when to use different campaigns types. 

5.3 - Creating Killer Video Ads - Here we’ll look at 7 Tips to creating ads that sell.  Without a compelling video ad, your campaigns will fall short.  Follow these 7 tips for success!

5.4 - YouTube Top Audiences - Here we’ll look at top audiences like cart abandoners and one of my personal favorites - bought x, not y lists.  We’ll look at how to target lists with your YouTube campaigns. 

5.5 - Creating YouTube Remarketing Campaigns - In this video we’re in Google Ads crafting your first YouTube remarketing campaigns.  We’ll look at how to structure your campaigns and how to build the calls to action and products listing ads that go around your video ads.  

5.6 - Measuring Success with YouTube - To maximize your YouTube campaigns you’ll need to understand the following: View Rates, ROAS and CPA performance, and View-through conversions.  Understanding these metrics will help you better influence growth and better YouTube performance.  

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