Vision of Acceleration: Client, Team, & Individual Growth

In 2016 we decided that our generic mission and vision statements needed clarification to help our team understand what sets OMG apart from other digital marketing agencies. We knew that in order to have a strong culture, we needed documented statements clarifying our purpose and values. We wanted to specifically identify our WHY, and make our HOW abundantly clear. After a lot of coffee and rehashing stories of what excites us and what we value, we found ourselves with a mission statement that identifies the focus of OMG’s day-to-day work and a vision statement that identifies our overall purpose for existing. 

OMG’s Mission: To accelerate our clients’ growth through world-class online marketing that drives measurable results. 

OMG’s Vision: To accelerate individual, team, and client growth through transparency, vulnerability, and accountability.

Accelerate, world-class, transparency, vulnerability, and accountability are the keys that drive our why and our how. Through the next several posts, I’ll be exploring what we mean by these terms and how they have impacted our growth as an agency, starting with accelerate.

Accelerate means to bring about at an earlier time, to cause to move faster, or to hasten progress or development. Accelerate does not mean to create from nothing. We believe that our efforts are best spent when there is already a foundation of good decisions and personal investment in growth. Our value is found in being able to produce results faster than if we weren’t involved. This applies to our efforts for our clients, our individual team members, and our team as a whole.

Accelerate Client Growth

We best help businesses that have a solid business foundation and brand get where they want to go faster through strategic insight and tactical implementation. Our customers are experts in their products but not always branding or online marketing know-how. When we do our job right, we put our customers on the map and ultimately change the economic destiny of those businesses for their families and employees. Our team structure and scope of service are in a constant state of evolution to meet our mission, and our standard processes and communications require constant evaluation and feedback from every member of our team so that we can be confident we not only have all of the relevant information but are applying it to our strategies and optimizations.

Accelerate Individual Growth 

We help our individual team members get where they want to go faster through ongoing skills and knowledge training, as well as career development and salary growth. We value the education and growth of our team members, and several team members have worked their way into well-earned promotions. Also, we value maximizing people’s strengths instead of imposing ongoing pressure to overcome natural weaknesses, so many positions have been developed to capitalize on a specific person’s abilities and skills. Collaboration is vital to our success individually and as a team, so biweekly individual and departmental syncs as well as weekly full-team syncs help foster an environment of constant feedback and communication.

Accelerate Team Growth 

I love that our vision is team growth as opposed to company growth. While they are connected, they are not the same. A natural result of healthy team growth is company growth, but the methodology changes when the priority is placed on the team over the company. At OMG, we have an amazing community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal. There is a reason I always refer to our staff as team members instead of employees. The definition of employee (a person employed for wages or salary) does not effectively speak to the larger purpose of the roles and positions at OMG. In order for our team to grow successfully, every team member has to be bought into the mission and vision and take ownership of their role and the development of the company. If our team members thought of themselves merely as a robot with a function for the purpose of a paycheck, OMG would look and feel very different. Instead, just like in sports, we have players and playmakers. If someone drops the ball, it has a ripple effect and there are people to step up and have their back, as well as coach them into future success.

In seven years, there has never been a single day that I didn’t want to go to work in the morning. I love being part of a team that is excited and energized by our mission, that cares about client and team success as well as their own personal growth. Does that mean we’re perfect? Of course not, we’re still a community of people. We’ve all had our share of anger, frustration, disappointment, hurt, or wondering if this is still the right place. I’ve had my own failings and opportunities to learn from my mistakes. But one of the benefits of our culture is that it provides us with a foundation to fall back on when things feel chaotic, difficult, or painful. Being able to inform our communication and decisions with our culture values provides safety because we know that we are all united in our commitment to the same values. There is nothing like joining intense efforts with a team of people who have a common vision, and for us, accelerating growth is the name of the game.

What the team says:

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