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Who we’re looking for

You have a great chance of being a good fit if you are an autonomous and self-motivated digital marketer who thrives on data and analysis. We love working with specialists who blend intelligence and heart, who are antsy to implement automation as a means for efficiency, with the motive of elevating the strategic impact only a human can bring to the table.

This position is not dependent on location.

Lead specialists are foundational to the success of our clients through the strategic insights and expert ad management provided with intentionality and care. The umbrella of comprehensive ad management and execution of marketing campaigns covers a range of varying day-to-day activities, but the ultimate goal is always to accelerate client growth. Activities include managing and optimizing PPC advertising campaigns on all Google paid channels, including Google Search, Shopping, Display Network, YouTube, and Bing. Monitoring ROAS, spend, and trends across multiple brands can be time consuming, and as an agency we are focused on increasing lead specialist capacity by implementing automation, developing tools, and hiring support specialists to assist with day-to-day tasks. 

As Lead Specialist, ad management is impacted by the ability to understand client goals and the available advertising programs and trends that can help achieve those goals. Lead Specialists must maintain their effectiveness by developing and maintaining a professional knowledge of new and emerging trends within the Google and eCommerce shopping space, and each team member is encouraged to actively participate in identifying new and improved processes that will result in greater productivity and profitability. 

At OMG, only the inquisitive survive. The ability to ask the right questions and do the research to identify the relevant strategies is imperative to the success of yourself, your team, and ultimately our clients. The unique mix of proactive initiative and the ability to execute strategy make lead specialists very special people. Balancing multiple clients with various goals and strategies is an accomplishment that only the best can achieve. Lead PPC specialists are the catalyst of many of our core functions as an agency and we’re looking for more wonderful team members who can help us grow!

The ideal candidate

Google Ads: Experience in paid customer acquisition environments is required, and a background in Google Ads PPC management supports a test and learn approach while continually evolving and optimizing the marketing mix of your clients. Specific education is not required, but a degree in marketing, finance, engineering, or economics reflects knowledge and interest in data-driven responsibilities, and certifications in Google Ads demonstrate initiative and drive.

Proactive Initiative: Your job is to provide clients with information about the various opportunities available through the Google platform, and understand the value you can provide in terms of strategy and performance. And then, get after it! Every client is assigned a dedicated client team made up of a lead specialist and account manager (who oversees the account as a whole and is the clients’ main point of contact), and the team is made up of robust experience and knowledge through strategists, support specialists, and directors. The most successful client teams are the ones that collaborate, with every person bringing thoughts, ideas, and questions to the table.

Problem solving: A cardinal sin at our company is asking someone a question you could have answered yourself. We need people who are willing to “use their brains” and don’t mind rolling up their sleeves to figure it out. That doesn’t mean we aren’t here to support you, we are. But you’re expected to hurdle problems, not allow them to get in your way.

Successful Google Lead PPC Specialist personality profile:

Motivated by data and strategy. You are likely an analytical, methodical finisher whose focus on accuracy and systems helps accomplish your goals. You speak directly and like to have all of the available information before making a decision. You like to work independently while adding value to your team. You enjoy problem-solving and identifying clear direction for long-term projects, not just day-to-day tasks. Your determination and focus make you a strong team player.

Important personality traits: 

  • Stickler for details
  • Curious
  • Resourceful

What energizes you:

  • Clear vision & direction
  • Challenge
  • Keeping score
  • Facts & data
  • Efficiency
  • Variety

Make sure you’re comfortable with:

  • If you’re local - open office workspace. Headphones and quiet spaces provided. Camera on for video calls and responsive Slack discussions.
  • If you’re remote - virtual communication. Camera on for video calls and responsive Slack discussions.
  • All job offers start with a 90-day initial period to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other. 

Salary, benefits, & onboarding

The starting salary for this full-time role is $65,000, with a growth rate dependent on the timeline and success of client portfolio growth. Our lead specialists’ salaries are evaluated on a quarterly basis, with the goal of maintaining a ratio of 18-20% of maintained client revenue. The general expectation is that after initial training, a client load will grow to an average of 8-10 managed accounts, with a minimum per account revenue of $3,500. Client fees are determined by the ad spend of their account, and can range anywhere from $5k to $100k+, with $45k being the current average. We offer a boatload of benefits including unlimited PTO, 100% employer-paid group health insurance, vision & dental insurance, 401(k) matching, and more.

During onboarding, lead specialists start out by going through approximately 6 weeks of training, assisting with account audits and monitoring, report manipulation and analysis, and keyword research, working closely with lead specialists and strategists on various assignments and shadowing new client onboardings and current client meetings. After the initial training is completed, a new client will be assigned to both a current lead specialist and newly trained specialists to tag-team together, giving the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the backup of a knowledgeable partner. Then, clients will be assigned based on mutual confidence, with assignments elevating in significance as knowledge and experience increase.

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