5 reasons to hire an agency for YouTube Ads

Across many eCommerce and agency marketing forums, one of the most common questions you will see is, "Who's the best agency?" Depending on the forum, you might see responses suggesting companies or gurus that individuals have worked with previously. You might even see reasons why advertising should be kept in-house.

There are many valid reasons for handling digital marketing campaigns internally, but there are also a host of reasons to hire an agency. What option is the best fit for your business depends on a wide range of factors. Here are the top five reasons to hire an agency to run your YouTube campaigns.

1. Testing and Best Practices Experience: An experienced YouTube agency has spent hundreds of hours testing a variety of campaigns and video styles with thousands and/or millions of dollars in ad spend. It’s hard to argue with that amount of insight vs. a trial and error approach. They also will have the best practices approach in place. In nearly every prospect ad review we do, we find mistakes (like showing content to children, advertising in locations that have a low probability for return) or older practices (like last-click attribution) that don’t fit with the most up-to-date bid strategies and conversion metrics.

2. Superior Video Ad Creation: Starting from scratch with YouTube video creation can be daunting. Our experience running multiple campaigns across multiple verticals has informed us of what video creatives will convert and what (usually) won’t.  We have a free resource called “Top YouTube Ad Examples & Templates.”  When you compare these video examples to your existing video content, you’ll be able to quickly determine what content has potential and what content is missing that could be produced. There’s nothing worse than dropping several thousand dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars on the latest Harmon Brothers knock-off video only to be disappointed when that high production value video doesn’t convert.

3. Mature Exclusion Lists: This point of distinction comes from my friend Ethan Patrick with Web Millennials Agency. Like Web Millennials, most mature agencies will have a significant list of exclusions used on every YouTube campaign. This advantage gets you a battle-tested list of exclusions (keywords and display) that you would have to learn through trial and error and dollars spent.

4. Dedicated Google Support: An experienced YouTube agency is more than likely also a Google Premier Partner with a dedicated Google support team. Dedicated Google support can help with roadblocks, data analysis, and account-level strategy. This should not be underestimated. At OMG Commerce, we have an excellent Google Premier Partner team.  It’s not unusual for us to be communicating several times a week related to client opportunities or challenges.

5. Objectivity: We’ve all had experiences in our business when we fall in love with our own ideas. This relates to tip #2 on Superior Video Ad Creation.  We can believe that our latest promotion, video ad, or content is going to be the silver bullet that changes the course of our business.  There are absolutely times when confidence leads to success. However, the value of experience and an outside perspective can raise your win rate.  The outside agency perspective can help by its detachment from the product. That detachment allows for the proper testing whereas others might play it safe and never achieve scale. The benefit of objectivity coupled with experience is a major advantage. As my friend Ethan says, “It's like inviting LeBron James onto your basketball team, and knowing that he's going to take more shots than you are, and being okay with that.”

If you’ve had challenges in working with an agency for your Google Ads or YouTube projects, we would be happy to independently review your ad accounts or simply listen and advise.  If we find it’s not a mutual fit, we have a solid network of agencies and freelancers we can introduce you to.  Additionally, you might be interested in my guide to, “Hiring, Firing, and Making The Most of Your Agency Relationships.”

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