5 Ways to Grow Your Amazon Business with Amazon DSP Ads

What do you get when you combine Amazon’s treasure trove of behavioral shopper data with some of the best online ad networks? 

Amazon DSP Ads.  

Amazon DSP ads provide an opportunity for you to run targeted display ads to eager shoppers on and off Amazon.  

While Amazon DSP ads aren’t exactly new, our experience shows that most sellers still aren’t using them.  DSP ads are comparable to Sponsored Display ads (SDA), but only slightly.  Currently Amazon DSP boasts more features, more targeting options, and more control than their SDA counterparts.  So much so that currently DSP is a clear winner in a head-to-head comparison with Sponsored Display ads.

If you’ve ever seen ads like these that follow you around the web after you’ve shopped for a product on Amazon, you’re likely seeing an Amazon DSP ad.

  1. Turn casual shoppers into buyers with pdp retargeting.  The best place to start with Amazon DSP ads is remarketing shoppers who’ve visited your product detail pages but haven’t purchased yet. Amazon makes it easy for you to select and target shoppers who’ve viewed your products recently, but have not purchased.  You can build audiences of shoppers who’ve viewed your product as recently as 1 day ago, or as long as 365 days ago.  
  2. Cross-sell with “bought X, not Y” campaigns.  Do you sell complementary products?  If so, you can build an audience of shoppers who’ve purchased one of your products, but not another complementary product you offer.  For example, let’s say you sell guitars and guitar cases.  What if someone buys your guitar, but not one of your cases?  You can run targeted ads touting the features and benefits of your cases to people who’ve recently purchased one of your guitars.  Or maybe you sell a line of skincare products and someone has purchased your eye serum, but not your moisturizer.  Why not run ads to your serum buyers showing how your serum and moisturizer work together to create amazing results?  
  3. Drive repeat purchases.  If you sell a consumable, then hopefully you are getting customers to subscribe and save with your products.  For those who don’t subscribe, you can run ads to remind them that it’s time to repurchase.  Let’s say you sell a supplement in a 30-day supply bottle.  You can target someone who has purchased, but not in the last 30 days.  You can run just a simple ad reminding shoppers that your product is awesome.  Maybe getting buyers back to your product detail page will also encourage them to subscribe and save.  
  4. Steal your competitor’s customers with competitive conquesting.  This is arguably, one of the most powerful and exciting ways to leverage Amazon DSP ads.  In addition to running Amazon ads, our agency manages YouTube and Google ads for eCommerce brands.  We wish we had an option for this level of competitive targeting on Google and YouTube as well, but sadly, we don’t.  This type of targeting is unique to Amazon DSP.  

With this option, you can target competitive shoppers in one of two ways

  • Shoppers who have viewed your competitor’s products, but haven’t purchased yet.  
  • Shoppers who have purchased your competitor’s products in the past

This gives you a chance to target these shoppers and show them what they are missing by not buying your products.  

  1. Run ads that look like Amazon, but still showcase your brand. You want to capitalize on the familiarity and trust associated with Amazon, but you also want people to see your brand.  You want your brand and product to be the focus of the ad with Amazon’s branding lending credibility and boosting clicks and conversions.  Here are three sample ads I was recently served online that illustrate this point.  Zenwise health really looks like an Amazon listing, but with Zenwise’s logo, tagline and their product image, which is quite nice.  Culturelle is using what’s called a custom dynamic ad which allows for a custom designed ⅔ top of the ad with a dynamic bottom ⅓ of the ad.  For the top, their design team put together an image that clearly matches the Culturelle brand look and feel.  The bottom ⅓ is all Amazon and breeds trust.  Finally, you’ll see the ad from Zinus, which is really all ZINUS branding, but with the Amazon logo.  Any of these three approach types can work to both strengthen your brand awareness and drive sales on Amazon.  

Hopefully, these five tips serve as some inspiration and motivation for you to get started with Amazon DSP ads.  For a more detailed explanation and road map for DSP, I recommend you download our free Amazon DSP Ads Guide.  Or, reach out to our team and schedule a time to chat about Amazon DSP for your business.  

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