Amazon DSP Roadmap

Run display ads on and off Amazon to reach buyers at every stage of the shopping journey.

Use Amazon DSP to Reach More Buyers

Amazon is now the world’s 3rd largest advertising platform behind Google and Facebook. The magic of Amazon DSP is that it allows you to use Amazon’s shopper data to target customers with relevant display ads...on and off Amazon. Chances are good that your competitors are NOT running Amazon DSP ads giving you a potential competitive edge by advertising on the platform.

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Amazon DSP Road Map Shows How You Can:

Retarget shoppers

Build audiences of people who visit your products on Amazon but don’t purchase. Woo them back with compelling retargeting ads.

Snatch prospects away from your competitors

Build audiences of people who visit your competitors' products on Amazon but don’t purchase.

Reach shoppers in the market BEFORE they see your search ads

Target buyers who are just beginning to shop in your category. Run display ads to this audience even before they see all of your competitors sponsored product ads.