Don't Miss Top Ten 2021 Prosper Show Sessions!

Prosper Show promises to be a top trade show for Amazon Sellers this year. Like the platform, it covers, Prosper Show's options can be overwhelming to choose from. What if two promising sessions are scheduled at the same time? Which should you choose? After all, you can't be in two places at once and the chances you'll watch the video replays weeks after is slim to none. I know how that goes!

Before good intentions become lost opportunities, here are the OMG Amazon team's top ten don't miss sessions! Our team is on the platform every day managing thousands of dollars in daily ad spend. They are constantly working with a variety of clients and testing new Betas from Amazon while determining what's working and what's not in Amazon paid search and SEO.

If you plan to attend the show and are scheduling your sessions now, here is a list of sessions we recommend. Remember, there may be sessions more applicable to your current situation, but these are our favorites. During breaks, remember to drop by and see your OMG friends at Prosper booth #3001!

Tuesday, July 13

 Includes three sessions from three presenters. Two of the three recommended from our Top Ten Prosper Show Sessions come from Chris McCabe & Leah McHugh from eCommerceChris  and Janelle Page, EVP of Marketing & eCommerce Strategy for the Nutraceutical Corporation.

8:30 AM to 11:15 AM — When Black Hats Attack: Defending Your Amazon Business
Chris McCabe, a former Amazon insider and owner of ecommerceChris and Leah McHugh join up for this competitor sabotage workshop! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Chris at length when we’ve referred him clients in these unfortunate situations and he and his team know their stuff! This is a workshop session. 

We've seen great Amazon accounts really take a beating due to competitor sabotage. Learn tactics that less-sophisticated sellers use to attack each other, and cover how third-party services are used to launch attacks on a competing seller's behalf. Identify potential attacks as they happen, and react quickly to limit the damage. Learn which teams at Amazon reliably investigate and research anti-competitive behavior by black-hat sellers and services and how to communicate with them. Plus, learn how best to correct listing changes to fix fake contributions, reverse hijacking, and more.

3:30 PM to 6:15 PM — Use Videos to Increase Your Amazon Sales

Janelle Page, VP of Marketing & Online Marketplaces for the Neutraceutical Corporation, hosts this afternoon workshop.  You’ll learn to increase your sales, build your brand, and engage your followers. Learn how to create compelling, high-converting videos for your product detail pages. In addition to learning the "Video Success Formula," discover video strategies to increase traffic and drive sales on both Amazon and your eCommerce site.

Wednesday, July 14  

Kicks off day two with a whopping 11 sessions to choose from (not including Welcome Session & Opening Keynote). We've analyzed all 11 sessions and recommend these four "must-see" sessions. Take additional time outside of these sessions to check out the exhibit hall or attend another session. These four sessions are delivered by a panel of 15 Amazon Sellers, Jason Kowalski, CEO of ProductWind, Rick Cesari, CMO of Direct Branding and James Kelley of Jagerita Holdings, Jason Boyce of Avenue7Media and Bernie Thompson of Efficient Era.  

10:00 AM to 10:30 AM — Seller Hacks

Where else can you hear from 15 successful Amazon sellers LIVE on stage? Prosper of course!  In this “back by popular demand” session, you’ll learn what “hacks” your peers have figured out to build better businesses on Amazon.

11:00 AM to 11:45 AM — How to Drive Actual ROI with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing today is like Sponsored Ads in 2015 according to the presenter of this session, Jason Kowalski, CEO of ProductWind. Learn about this new marketing channel before it becomes mainstream.  Are you tired of hearing about Influencer Media Value (IMV) and Cost Per Engagement (CPE)? Done wrong, social media marketing can create a lot of work and be a total bust. Done right, influencers can drive meaningful traffic to your products and drive higher return than PPC. In this session, an ex-Amazon expert in influencer marketing will teach you the ins and outs of this marketing channel. 

You’ll learn how to:

• Determine which social media platform(s) to use and to what degree

• Learn to set up and manage your own influencer campaigns  

• Know the effect of influencer campaigns on SEO and ad campaigns 

• Measure ROI from an influencer campaign and learn how to think about claim codes

• Align influencer marketing with your broader marketing approach

1:15 PM to 2:00 PM — Building Brand Loyalty on Amazon Using Video

Join Rick Cesari and learn how to solve your biggest challenges through easy, proven video-based strategies. These challenges include improving conversions and sales, time spent on your listings, rankings and reviews, consumer trust, brand likability, purchase intent, content generation, product research, awareness, loyalty and funding. 

Your feet might be a bit sore—and who knows what you've done that hopefully will stay in Vegas—but you've made it to the final day! By now your brain could be overloaded, but with 16 sessions to choose from, you're in for a lot more. We've carefully selected the four sessions to round out our Top Ten Prosper Show Sessions to put the cherry on top of what surely will be an amazing event.

3:45 PM to 4:45 PM — Panel: Trends and Seller Predictions for 2022

Panels are among the best sessions at Prosper.  Take advantage of the cumulative knowledge from James Kelley (former Amazon Insider), Bernie Thompson founder of Efficient Era and Jason Boyce, founder and CEO of Avenue7Media, LLC in what is sure to be an outstanding session. They’ll share interesting new trends, their hopes for Amazon change as well as bold predictions for 2022.  Will Amazon launch a Shopify competitor and, if so, would they sign up?  Will One Vendor become a thing or will Amazon continue to bifurcate Vendors and Sellers?  What change should sellers expect if the trustbusters come knocking and what might that mean for sellers?  Plus a number of predictions that you should start planning for now before they become a reality.

Thursday, July 15

The presenters who made our “Don’t Miss” list for the final day include Jeffrey Brelowski a Patent/IP/Litigation Attorney with ATLawip LLC, Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris, Carina McLead of Ecommerce Nurse Ltd, and Jerry Kavesh from 3P Marketplace Solutions

10:00 AM to 10:45 AM — Walk Deftly and Carry a Big Stick: Essential Measures to Pre-Empt and Stop Bad Actors

You’ll never know when you’ll need a great Amazon lawyer.  It’s best to be prepared as Intellectual Property (IP) infringements are usually a matter of when not if. Even if you’ve done everything you need to do to protect your company from bad actors, the ugly business of losing revenue or getting shut down still looms. This  session will cover essential defense, including a good offence. Learn your options and how to determine which one is right for you and where to turn in the event that your IP is breached. 

You’ll Learn: 

• How to match your level of escalation to the degree of infringement to avoid overshooting or undershooting your objective

• The different Amazon programs to adjudicate patent, trademark, and copyright disputes

• How lost profits and reasonable royalty rates are estimated and recovered 

•The types of IP and which ones are commonly infringed

12:15 PM to 1:00PM  —  Seller Case Study and Expert Insights- Should You Grow Your Business in the U.S. or Expand Globally?

In your final day at Prosper, broaden your horizons and investigate expanding your sales in the U.S. or should you go global? Jerry Kavesh will share the lessons learned from his brand’s expansion to Europe, the United Kingdom and his success in Australia. Carina Mcleod will address the myriad of issues and implications she has encountered when her company expands internationally (compliance, supply/demand, shipping/inventory, etc).

You’ll Learn: 

-The inefficiencies (costs and logistics)of global expansion by exploring a case study

-How to avoid pitfalls with examples of legal, tax, safety, and other compliance issues 

-About the impact of Brexit on Sellers

-How to compare and contrast support Amazon provides vs. what support that say they will provide

-How to assess the opportunity of selling in Canada and Mexico, including the Remote Fulfillment by Amazon program

1:30 PM to 2:15 PM — Get It Right the First Time: Communications With Amazon Internal Teams That Win Appeals

Chris McCabe gets my vote for another “Top Ten” session. Our agency has seen our share of Amazon Sellers who have been frustrated (to say the least) with the Amazon appeals process.  Going with your gut can not only be 100% ineffective—it can actually make things worse. This session will identify the internal team and manager that you need to contact and approaches that work to push the issue to resolution and reinstatement. Participants will learn what to do and where to turn when Amazon goes quiet. 

You’ll Learn

•How to identify essential internal and external teams and team managers that can be helpful 

•How to devise a strategy to determine why your appeal is stuck or denied

•How to write a proper escalation letter to get a proper response

2:45 p.m. — Lost in Translation? Tips for Keywords and Listing Optimization That will Translate Into Sales

Jana Krekic, founder of YLT Translations delivers an intriguing session on international commerce. Chances are that your international sales are lagging because you’re not speaking their language. Neither Amazon nor other machine translators (even if human edited) are keen on ensuring that your keywords are optimized for Amazon’s algorithm. Similarly, interpreters will not ensure that your listings are localized to compel or even relate to your customer. Companies that are (considering) selling don’t want to miss this boat to expand and grow your business overseas. 

You’ll Learn: 

•How to research your customer base to determine how to localize your listings and identify critical keywords

•How to find hacks for creating and improving international listings 

•How to compare and contrast well-made international listings 

•Some examples of results you could get from doing it right.

So that's it! Your Top Ten Prosper Show 2021 “Don't Miss” Sessions! If you liked this article, be sure to stop by and say hello at our OMG Commerce booth #3001.

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