Episode 50

YouTube Remarketing for eCommerce

Brett Curry - OMG Commerce
July 5, 2018
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If you aren’t using YouTube at least for remarketing – you’re missing out.  With over 1 Billion monthly users and average session durations of over 40 min. (longer than what most people spend on Facebook in a day) YouTube has the attention of your prospects and customers.  

Not only does YouTube have your prospects and customers eyes and ears, they also have a really attractive advertising offering – TrueView.  With the TrueView pre-roll (aka “before” videos) you as the advertiser only pays if someone actually watches your video or clicks through to your site. If someone skips before the :30 mark, you pay nothing.  Pretty cool.

Throw some really advanced audience targeting features on top of that and you have all kinds of options for both top and bottom of the funnel marketing on YouTube.  

This episode is a recording of a talk I gave in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World.  In it I cover the following:

  • How your prospects are using YouTube and how that should influence your strategy
  • The best audiences to target with your ads
  • 5 Tips to creating great video ads that hook prospects and get them to take action
  • YouTube for Top of Funnel – the bulk of this talk is about remarketing, but YouTube has some great benefits for Top of Funnel which I outline here.  
  • Targeting options – If you go Top of Funnel what kind of targeting options should you consider.
  • Plus more!

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