Episode 30

WooCommerce & Conversion Boosters

Cody Landefeld - Mode Effect
September 13, 2017
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While it’s not a platform I’m intimately familiar with, Woo Commerce is gaining market share fast. By some estimates, it’s approaching 30-40% of online shopping carts.  Largely because WordPress powers approximately 26% of the web.

In this episode, we dive into WooCommerce and some general conversion boosters for any site owner.  Cody Landefeld is the founder of Mode Effect and a Woo Commerce and conversion expert.

Here’s a look at what Cody and I dive into:

– Why Woo is exploding.

– New Woo developments and what merchants are a good fit for Woo.

– 3 Conversion tips every site owner needs to consider?

– 4 eCommerce design trends to amplify sales.

– How to add the human element to your shopping experience.

– How to build a sales funnel for eCommerce.

– More!

Want to learn more about Mode Effect?  Check out their 5 Key Considerations for Optimization and Redesign.  

Mentioned in this Episode:

OMG Commerce Holiday Special – Free Google Webinar Replay

Content & Commerce Summit 2017 L.A. (Sept. 18-20)

Mode Effect

5 Ways to Convert More Users on Your WooCommerce Store

4 eCommerce Design Trends that Amplify Results on Your Store


WooCommerce Developers Conference 2017 Seattle  (Oct. 19 & 20)

The Red Headed Hostess

Warby Parker



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