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Episode 66

What’s Next for Amazon Sellers

Matt Ward - Entrepreneur
January 9, 2019

Matt Ward built an Amazon business from nothing with a goal of selling it for $1million in 12 months.  His goal once the sale was final was to work on stuff that mattered more to him….He reached his goal of selling his company and now he’s running a podcast and writing books on some pretty interesting topics.  He’s had the privilege of interviewing some pretty stellar people including one of my marketing heroes – Seth Godin.

Matt is a fascinating person and extremely bright.  

In this episode we get into some pretty interesting territory, including:

  • How Matt scaled so quickly,
  • What AMZ sellers should consider now and what the future holds
  • What’s next for Amazon
  • What’s Amazon’s goal with Echo devices and owned brands (like Amazon Basics) and who will continue to win as Amazon’s domination grows.  
  • Voice Search and Smart home – and what it means for Amazon and Google and YOU.
  • Facebook Portal and our predictions on it.
  • Why 10x results doesn’t require 10x effort
  • Plus, more…

Mentioned in this Episode

Prosper Show – Conference for Amazon Sellers
Google Home – Smart Speaker & Home Assistant – Google Store
Google Express – Shopping Done Fast
Shopping ActionsGoogle
Portal From Facebook – Voice Enabled Hands-Free Video Calling
Gods of the Valley” by Matt Ward for FREE –
The Disruptors Podcast

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