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Episode 42

Top 10 X Factors that Separate Successful eCommerce Companies from the Rest

Chris Brewer - OMG Commerce
March 7, 2018

Today I’m excited to welcome back my business partner and the co-founder of OMG Commerce – Chris Brewer.

Chris Brewer is a seasoned entrepreneur who’s successfully started and sold multiple businesses in the advertising and marketing space.  In 2010 he and I started OMG Commerce. Since then we’ve consulted with, partnered with and provided agency services for HUNDREDS of eCommerce stores.  We’ve seen nearly everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly of eCommerce.

In this episode, we break down the biggest X Factors of success from our perspective as we’ve observed a lot of winners and a lot of, um….not so much winners.  Hopefully, you have as much fun listening as we did recording this…

Here’s a quick look at what we cover:

  • The importance of Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) and how to measure it and cultivate it.
  • Why businesses that are too “romantic” about their own ideas are destined to struggle.
  • How the best eCommerce stores think about and leverage Amazon
  • Pop Quiz – Chris lays out his top eCommerce metrics and give you the ability to rate yourself on how well you know your core numbers.
  • A big mistake eCommerce store owners make when looking for an agency
  • How to start on a new traffic source
  • Plus much more!

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