Taking Advantage of YouTube’s Reach

Chris Brewer - OMG Commerce
October 16, 2020
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Chris Brewer is the co-founder of OMG Commerce. Chris is a frequent speaker and guest at industry events and digital marketing podcasts. He currently manages inbound leads and acts as an account strategist for OMG Commerce. In addition to the incredible growth and success with “OMG,” his entrepreneurial accomplishments have included building and selling an outdoor advertising marketing company and direct mail company. He is the author of the book, Does Your Marketing Make You Money: 7 Quick & Easy Secrets to Create A Booming Business Now and resides just outside Springfield, Missouri with his wife of 23 years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What recommendations Chris has for lawyers who would like to take advantage of the massive reach of YouTube, and why it’s important to get onto YouTube now
  • Why YouTube blurs the lines between advertising and marketing, and how law firms can use YouTube to market their firms at no financial cost
  • Why worrying about your first video being amazing content shouldn’t hold you back from exploring the platform, and why you should give away your best info on YouTube
  • How to get started on YouTube by answering frequently asked questions, and how your team can be a valuable source of inspiration
  • How to ensure that your videos get noticed in people’s search results, and how to create staggered content that is engaging and effective
  • How a basic video lighting kit and a simple phone tripod can help you create high quality video for YouTube
  • How you can use Canva art software to quickly and easily create professional-quality YouTube video thumbnails
  • How embedding your YouTube video content in your website can dramatically improve your SEO value and search rankings
  • Why shorter, more digestible videos are a better choice than long content, and what coming trends and changes you should be aware of
  • Why you should develop specific goals for your YouTube content and then build that content with those goals in mind


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