Episode 59

SEO for eCommerce

Dale Bertrand - fireandspark.com
October 16, 2018
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In recent years SEO has lost its luster as a “hot” traffic source. Panda and Penguin updates have made it all but impossible to “game the system” and trick Google into ranking your site.  That said, organic traffic can still be insanely powerful for your brand.  SEO can help drive relevant traffic at nearly every stage of the shopping funnel – helping your build a following and sell more stuff.

While there are no viable SEO tricks now, there are proven strategies that will help you rank well and rank relatively quickly.  

While I’ve been an SEO practitioner since the early 2000s and even though OMG Commerce offers SEO services for eCommerce – I still wanted to have Dale Bertrand on to talk SEO.  Dale is the Owner and Digital Strategist for fireandspark.com and he knows his SEO.

Here’s a look at the SEO topics we cover in this episode.  

  • Link building that works in 2018 and beyond. Quality backlinks are still one of the most powerful ranking signals in Google’s algorithm.  The catch is that Google is better than ever at sniffing out and ignoring or penalizing spammy backlinks.  In this episode we discuss the right way to approach link building.
  • Building content without being a writer.  My guess is that creating content isn’t your favorite activity.  But good content is CRUCIAL for effective SEO strategies. We discuss how to generate content without the pain of writing.  
  • How to make category and product detail pages rank.  Category and product detail pages are your money makers, but getting them to rank can be a challenge.  We discuss how.
  • The value of “pillar content” and how to create it.  Without “pillar content” your SEO will be at a disadvantage.  We discuss what it is and how to go about creating it.
  • Technical structure for a solid page.  We nerd out a little bit on technical SEO, but not too much.
  • Plus more!

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