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Episode 46

Instagram and Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce

Ross Johnson & Rachel Bell - Trill Media
May 16, 2018

I know what you’re thinking…Ross and Rachel?!?  From Friends?  Well, no, but this is even better (for your business). It’s really Ross Johnson and Rachel Bell of Trill Media.

One of the topics that I’m super interested in is influencer marketing.  What was made popular by the Kardashians is actually something that’s been around forever – endorsements.  But with social influencers it’s a whole new ball game and one you can do and succeed at…and sometimes for as little as $100 paid to an influencer.

Along with influencer marketing we also lay a foundation for growth using Instagram.  Many of the fastest growing eComm brands I know are investing both time and money into Instagram.

Here are some of the growth tips we tackle in this episode:
– How to collaborate with influencers
– How to partner with complementary brands on Insta
– Tips for using giveaways to add engaged followers
– How to use Story Takeovers
– How to be transformational rather than transactional

Check out the episode here…

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Ross Johnson

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Rachel Bell
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Rachel & Ross
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