Episode 44

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Dan Gamito - ManyChat
April 5, 2018
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For most marketers, Facebook Messenger is the ultimate black box.  What is it really?  How are customers using it?  What’s a marketer to do with it?  These are a few of the many important questions that marketers may have a hard time answering.

The temptation for some marketers is to treat Messenger marketing like they would email marketing.  Big mistake.  It’s a very different platform at a very different stage of maturity compared to email.

Then there’s the question of chatbots…what are they?  How can we use them without being super creepy?

I had the perfect guest for this Episode – Dan Gamito of ManyChat.  ManyChat is leading the charge in a lot of ways when it comes to Messenger Marketing and the use of chatbots.  In this episode Dan does an amazing job of demystifying and educating.  Here’s a look at what we cover:

– Understanding tribal mentalities on Facebook and how that influences Messenger

– Understanding how consumers are using Messenger and, more importantly for this discussion, how they want to interact with brands on Messenger (and how they DON’T want to interact with brands).

– How a pregnancy brand used messenger to deliver the perfect message at the perfect stage of pregnancy to an interested audience.

– How a shoe company used messenger to reduce product returns by almost 30%

– Much more!

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