Episode 98

Getting to 8 Figures

Charles Livingston - Lifeboost Coffee
November 27, 2019
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Charles Livingston knows a thing or two about rapid growth.  He turned a supplement offer into a 12 million per year business. And now his Coffee Company – Life Boost Coffee has grown 1,000% in less than 1 year.

What’s the secret to this kind of growth?  Good Marketing and becoming a “yes” company.  

Charles is also known for having his picture displayed in every single Ezra Firestone presentation.  And this isn’t any old picture. It’s a shirtless pic of Charles all swole up wearing a stethoscope. Yes, there’s a story behind this that we dive into in the podcast.  

More importantly, here’s a breakdown of the keys to rapid growth we breakdown on this episode:

  • Become a “yes” company.  How saying yes more has led to a shockingly low 1.5% refund rate for Lifeboost Coffee.
  • Why clarifying your message is key to scale. ‘
  • How to find your hook and your hone in on a powerful positioning statement
  • How to engineer a great customer experience framework
  • How to charge a premium and make customers gladly pay more
  • How to encourage subscriptions and improve your “stick rate”
  • What’s better – building a brand on Amazon or building a brand off Amazon?  
  • Plus more!

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