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Episode 103

Story Selling

Jamie Cross - MIG Soap
January 15, 2020

Who doesn’t love a good story? As humans, we’ve relied on storytelling for entertainment, education, and preservation of culture since the beginning of time. Storytelling is also for marketers.

During my first sales job at a local radio station my boss sagely advised me that “facts tell, but stories sell.” I’ve never forgotten that lesson. In this episode, I chat with the charming Jaime Cross the founder of MIG Soap. From her kitchen table to now a multi-million dollar eCommerce business Jaime has grown largely based on great products and solid storytelling.  Here’s a taste of what we cover:

  • What’s the psychology behind storytelling?
  • How good storytelling can increase the perceived value of a product by 2x or more.  
  • Common storytelling mistakes to avoid. 
  • The process MIG uses to get their overall story right…and then to get the story right for each product.  
  • How to turn customer testimonials into stories
  • How do you deliver your story across email, product detail pages, and more.  
  • Storytelling resources

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