Episode 258

Cyber 5: How The Best Brands Win

OMG Experts - OMG Commerce
November 1, 2023
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How can you make the most of the Cyber 5?

It all comes down to strategy, planning and execution.

Ideally, you’re planning all year and working on the perfect strategies to attract new customers and inspire existing customers to buy more. 

But planning is only part of the success equation. Making adjustments and tweaks based on what’s working and what’s not is also crucial.

On this episode, I’m bringing on a star-studded cast of OMG experts. We talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday success from essentially every angle. 

We talk about successful email and SMS promotions. We cover do’s and don’ts for maximizing Amazon profits and share insights for getting the most from Google, YouTube and other channels. 

My guests:

  • Bill Cover, Google Strategist
  • Nick Flint, Email Strategist
  • Trenton Bodenbach, Amazon Growth Strategist

What we discuss:

  • Top BFCM mistakes merchants make.
  • What you need to plan ahead of time and lock in vs. what you can change on the fly during the Cyber 5.
  • Or favorite Cyber 5 growth strategies.
  • Protecting margin while still driving purchases from customers who expect deals. Can you make a 10% off deal irresistible?

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