Episode 82

Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Line Extension and Other Powerful Growth Levers

Michael Jackness - EcomCrew
July 24, 2019
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Michael Jackness is the President & CEO of Terran.com – owner of multiple commerce brands including tactical.com, wildbaby.com, icewraps.com, color it and more. He’s also the host of the EcomCrew podcast and is a fantastic trainer and speaker. I got to hang out with Mike recently at an event and I was reminded of why so many people in the eComm space look up to him. He’s a brilliant marketer and eComm store owner. In this podcast, we dive into some of the most powerful growth levers available to commence merchants today and how to best use them.

Here are a few things we go over:

  • What are Mike’s tips and advice on line extension? How important is it, and how and when should store owners consider it?
  • Mike’s favorite tips for cross-selling & upselling because “you win or lose by what you do on the backend.”
  • The most under-leveraged assets Mike sees in his students’ businesses?
  • Favorite growth levers to pull when tasked with growing an eComm biz.
  • Some of your favorite recent marketing wins from Mike’s many eCommerce companies
  • Underutilized growth tips for Amazon.
  • How important is User Generated Content (UGC) and how to get it.

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