Episode 88

AI and The Future of Digital Marketing

Frederick Vallaeys - Optmyzr
September 11, 2019
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Is AI coming for all of our jobs?  As agencies and marketers, are we on the road to irrelevance?  Probably not fully, but our roles and our perspectives better shift and shift quickly.  Frederick Vallaeys is a brilliant marketer and programmer. He was one of Google’s first 500 employees and was on the original AdWords Quality Score team.  In this episode, we discuss how agencies and marketers of the near future should think more like pilots or doctors, or coaches (my metaphor). Pilots increasingly rely on instruments and AI to do their job.  So do doctors. But, deep expertise, strategy, and a human element are still really important. Here’s a hopeful but eyes-wide-open look at the future with Frederick Vallaeys.

  • How Quality Score was yesterday’s black box and AI is today’s black box.
  • Using Fred’s Two Levels of Automation – Leveraging things like AI and Machine Learning (ML) and then creating a layer of automation to keep the machines in check.  
  • How is AI most impacting marketing now and how will it impact marketing in the next few years.
  • What new changes to Google Ads is Fred most excited about.
  • Some of Fred’s favorite Google Ad Scripts?
  • Automation can be simple. AI and ML are cool but you can achieve a lot with the simple stuff

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