Episode 25

5 Steps to Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns

Molly Pittman
August 2, 2017
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Facebook ad spend has skyrocketed in recent years to the point that Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that this year they may “run out” or ad space causing rates to go up (techcrunch article).  For online merchants, it’s often the number 2 or even number 1 traffic source with Google usually taking the other spot.

Molly Pittman, VP of Marketing for Digital Marketer, is a legitimate Facebook ad expert and seasoned practitioner.  Today on the podcast we dive into Molly’s 5-Step checklist for making sure that her Facebook ad campaigns are a success.  We dive into some real tactical and strategic info here.  Here’s a glimpse of what we cover:

– Why your approach to targeting might be all wrong, and what you should be testing right now. Molly always looks to build ad sets around audiences of a certain size.…

– How to make your audience “squirm” so that it’s hard for them to say “no” to your offer.

– Video marketing tips including long form vs. short form videos….Molly’s answer here might surprise you especially if you are a long time direct response marketer.

– How competition is forcing advertisers to “up their game” and how good ads cost you less.

– New opportunities to advertise and market using messenger

– and much, much more.

Mentioned in this Episode:
Content & Commerce Summit 2017 (September 18 – 20) – Los Angeles,California


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