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Episode 81

2019 State of the Merchant

Andrew Youderian - Ecommerce Fuel
July 17, 2019

My guest today is a man who needs no introduction. His podcast, Ecommerce Fuel, is one of the most downloaded Ecommerce podcasts on the planet. And Andrew runs one of the largest most successful private eCommerce forums –

Each year Andrew sends out a poll to hundreds of successful merchants to get a pulse check on all things eCommerce. It covers an incredible number of details including growth rates, conversion rates, On-Amazon and Off-Amazon performance, ad performance, profitability trends and much, much more. I wanted to have Andrew on the podcast to dig into some of the most fascinating insights from the report and to share what we believe these insights mean to our community and to you as a merchant.

Here are a few things we cover:

  • What is the future of drop-shipping as a business model?
  • What surprises came from the on-Amazon growth stats that weren’t maybe as high as expected this year?
  • The stark growth contrast between private label sellers vs. resellers
  • The number #1 traffic source for successful eCommerce merchants
  • The most popular vs. most effective ad channel…spoiler alert – they aren’t the same channel! The most popular channel according to the survey was nowhere near the most effective. Quite the contrary. We explore why.
  • We explore Andrew’s spin on KPI – the Kardashian Performance Indicator…this is pretty funny
  • Plus much more actionable data!

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