Wanderer Bracelets offers bracelets that are handcrafted from water buffalo bone by artisans in Bali. The bracelets support these artisans in their small village by providing them a living wage, giving them the opportunity to provide their families with nutrition, healthcare, and education. Wanderer Bracelets started with OMG Commerce in 2017 after hearing Brett speak at an event.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Prior to working with OMG, Wanderer’s online advertising efforts primarily focused on Facebook with limited attention given to Google. Our team at OMG Commerce was brought in by the client to grow Search, Shopping, Google Display Network, and YouTube.

The Approach

Our Google Ads objectives for Wanderer were three-fold:

  1. Maximize branded search terms.  Due to the amount of Facebook advertising they invest in, there are a lot of people searching for Wander Bracelets on Google.  We want to make sure we own all of the top real estate and we want to make sure we control the message for all branded searches.  
  2. Reach shoppers searching for unique bracelets who haven’t heard of Wanderer.
  3. Build out a robust remarketing approach, including the Google Display Network and YouTube remarketing.  

When we began working with the account, the structure of their campaigns was pretty basic.  We implemented a very thorough and segmented Google Search ad campaign structure.  We also launched multiple Google Shopping campaigns, including Showcase Shopping ads.  Additionally, we created a robust remarketing strategy featuring ads on GDN and YouTube with special emphasis on product page viewers, cart abandoners, and past purchasers (to cross sell and upsell).

OMG Commerce has been a vital strategic partner for us, helping us scale and allowing us to focus on growing the business knowing they understood our goals and expectations.

Month Over Month Growth

Sales growth from Google Ads
Revenue growth from Google Shopping
ROAS Improvement

The Results

Improvements were very rapid. We’ve continued to scale Google Ads while adhering to specific ROAS targets. Sales growth from Google ads is up 83%, Google Shopping revenue is up 540% and ROAS has improved by 74%.