The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping

Elevate Your Google Shopping Advertising Campaigns with the Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping

Take your Google Shopping to the Next Level.

A lot has changed since Google Shopping launched as a paid ad platform in 2012. In this guide we explore how to get the most from your Google Shopping campaigns. The popularity of shopping on Google continues to increase, which means increased opportunity for you to sell products to eager shoppers. Are you wanting to take your Google product listings ads to the next level? Download our guide to learn how to leverage smart campaigns, get your products in front of more online shoppers, and understand your buyers.

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Our Google Shopping Guide Explores:

Mastering Feed Creation And Successful Bidding

Success with Google Shopping begins with a robust and optimized product feed. We’ll give you the tips, insights and tools to create ads relevant to user searches. Our guide will take the mystery out of bidding optimization and break down the math behind bidding strategy.

Get The Edge Over Your Competition By Understanding Buyers

Setting goals helps you strategically create a Google Shopping campaign that is manageable while maximizing sales. We'll look at what you want to sell and how to get it in front of online buyers by implementing keywords and getting into the mind of your buyer.

Take The Mystery Out Of Google Merchant Center, Google Ads, and Analytics

We will walk through, step by step, setting up the three optimal accounts for Google Shopping advertising campaigns. Learn how engagement metrics such as time on site and bounce rate can give you helpful insight into buyer's onsite experience.

Improving Your Google Shopping Campaign Structure

The way you structure your Google shopping campaigns will impact how easy everything is to manage and it will impact your ability to scale with Google Shopping. Here we lay out different options to manage your campaigns based on your goals and technical abilities.

Take Your Google Shopping Advertising To The Next Level

We'll look at reporting and explore search queries and product performance reports to see what's selling well and areas where you might need to clarify information for Google to display your products, helping to optimize your Google product listing ads. 

Implementing Promotions, Reviews & More

Adding special offers, product reviews and promotional text to your Google product listing ads will increase clicks and increase your odds of a sale.

Now’s the time to maximize your efforts with your Google Shopping advertising campaign. Download the Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping Today!