The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping

Take Your Shopping Ads on Google to the Next Level

Maximize your Product Feed, Leverage Smart Bidding and Smart Campaigns, Benefit from Free Product Listings and Take your Google Shopping to the Next Level.

A lot has changed since Google Shopping launched as a paid ad platform in 2012. In this guide we explore how to get the most from your Shopping campaigns on Google. The popularity of shopping on Google continues to increase. That means increased opportunity for you to sell products to eager shoppers.

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Here’s a look at what the guide covers:

Feed Optimization

Success with Google Shopping begins with a robust and optimized product feed. We’ll give you the tips, insights and tools to create a killer product feed.

Bidding Optimization

Google Shopping is an auction based system. Your bids are important. In this guide we’ll talk about the math behind your bidding strategy and some of the new smart options available to you.

Free Listings

Google now offers some free listing opportunities via Surfaces Across Google and the now commission-free Shopping Actions.

Promotions, Reviews & Extras

Adding promotions, product reviews and more to your listings will increase clicks and give you a better chance to sell more.

Campaign Structure and more

The way you structure your campaigns will impact how easy everything is to manage and it will impact your ability to scale with Google Shopping.  Here we lay out different options to manage your campaigns based on your goals and technical abilities.

Now’s the time to maximize your efforts with Shopping Ads on Google. Get your free Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping Today!