DSP Increases Topline Sales & Lowers TACoS Overtime for Skincare Company

QRxLabs offers products developed in the USA by a team of specialists, combining natural ingredients with the best of science, completely free of parabens and silicones. We are also proud to be a sustainably responsible company, offering only cruelty free products in environmentally friendly packaging.

The Challenge

OMG Commerce was tasked to scale DSP spend while maintaining a stable ROAS by QRX Labs, a premium skincare brand on Amazon, in order to increase topline sales and combat stagnant sales growth.

The Approach

OMG Commerce used a variety of Amazon DSP campaigns to aggressively ramp up DSP spend while still meeting return goals, ranging from lower-funnel campaigns like Repurchasing and Retargeting to mid- to upper-funnel campaigns targeting similar products and in-market users, both with static creatives and video.

We hope that our consumers will find inspiration in each of the QRxLabs products to look at the world through a bright, positive and unifying lens.

Alexander Fedorowicz

Co-Founder & President

Month Over Month Growth

Average monthly DSP spend grew
Growth in total sales YoY
Drop in TACoS

The Result

  • Average monthly DSP spend grew by 120% YoY while still achieving the goal ROAS of 2x+.
  • 46% growth in total sales from $493k in August of 2021 to $720k in August of 2022
  • After ramping up DSP spend by 38% from July to August, PPC Sales consequently grew 26% month over month. 
  • Additionally, this increase in PPC sales maintained a stable return, actually improving from just under 64% ACOS in July 2022 to a more efficient 58% ACOS in August 2022
  • DSP campaigns, while only averaging ~6% of all Amazon advertising spend in 2021, have made up over 14% of Amazon ad spend in 2022
  • Combined spend between all ad products is up only 11% YoY, while average monthly sales are up 18%, resulting in a >7% drop in TACOS.