DSP Increases Topline Sales & Lowers TACoS Overtime for Skincare Company

QRxLabs offers products developed in the USA by a team of specialists, combining natural ingredients with the best of science, completely free of parabens and silicones. We are also proud to be a sustainably responsible company, offering only cruelty free products in environmentally friendly packaging.
We hope that our consumers will find inspiration in each of the QRxLabs products to look at the world through a bright, positive and unifying lens.

Alexander Fedorowicz

Co-Founder & President

Month Over Month Growth

Average monthly DSP spend grew
Growth in total sales YoY
Drop in TACoS

The Result

  • Average monthly DSP spend grew by 120% YoY while still achieving the goal ROAS of 2x+.
  • 46% growth in total sales from $493k in August of 2021 to $720k in August of 2022
  • After ramping up DSP spend by 38% from July to August, PPC Sales consequently grew 26% month over month. 
  • Additionally, this increase in PPC sales maintained a stable return, actually improving from just under 64% ACOS in July 2022 to a more efficient 58% ACOS in August 2022
  • DSP campaigns, while only averaging ~6% of all Amazon advertising spend in 2021, have made up over 14% of Amazon ad spend in 2022
  • Combined spend between all ad products is up only 11% YoY, while average monthly sales are up 18%, resulting in a >7% drop in TACOS.