Using Amazon DSP with a Full-Funnel Approach to Scale an eCommerce Pet Supplement Company

PetHonesty is a dog supplement brand that uses effective, quality, premium ingredients with benefits that are supported by nutritional science research and testing.

The Challenge

PetHonesty was very growth-minded and open to testing new strategies. They wanted to be a leader in their category and knew they couldn’t achieve this goal by only targeting the bottom of the funnel.

The Approach

PetHonesty had a variety of products at different levels of performance and traffic. Our initial strategy was to launch retargeting and repurchasing on as many products as were qualified. After letting them run for 6-8 weeks to measure performance, we introduced higher funnel strategies, ranging from Similar Product Targeting and Competitor Targeting to In-Market Targeting.

We started with higher-scale, popular products, and eventually added competitor targeting for all products. We utilized a 50/50 rule, meaning no more than 50% of total spend for a product went towards higher-funnel campaigns. As products began to max retargeting budgets, we’d increase budget across all strategies. We had frequent calls with the client to discuss recent performance and future strategies and changes.

Month Over Month Growth

Increase in DSP Advertised Product Sales
ROAS maintained with increased spend
Increase in Total Units Sold

The Result

Our goal with DSP is to scale spend over time while maintaining consistent sales, and this account was a model performer. Over the course of 11 months we were able to scale the account from<$6,000 in monthly spend and $33,000 in Total Sales to nearly $60,000 in spend and $370,000 inTotal Sales. Lifetime ROAS for the account was 6.1x, with the last month achieving a 6.2x. For two products in particular, we scaled spend from $2,000-3,000 per month in the beginning to $15,000 each and $55,000+ Total Sales 11 months later with consistent results.