Natural Dog Company

Using Non-Brand Search & Shopping to Scale Growth For An All-Natural Dog Healthcare Ecommerce Company

Natural Dog Company provides natural, effective, and holistic healing solutions for dogs of every age, size, breed, & gender. From healing balms to nourishing supplements, to shampoo bars & bully gnawers they keep your canine healthy, sparkling clean, and entertained. Dry, cracked dog noses, irritated paw pads, stinky wrinkle folds, & more are no match for Natural Dog Company goods.

The Challenge

Prior to OMG, Natural Dog Company was running Google Ads in-house. Their account had little emphasis on growth campaigns, so they sought the expertise of an agency to grow new customers through Search and Shopping campaigns.

The Approach

OMG started by building non-brand Search campaigns for each of their top products to find new customers searching for their product category. As volume increased with Search, Shopping campaigns also began to scale. We built a robust list of remarketing audiences to capture all of our new traffic, and targeted these audiences in Display, YouTube, & Discovery. Our focus with remarketing was to convert site visitors to first-time purchasers, build brand loyalty through repeat purchase, and increase AOV and LTV with current customers. We continued expanding our reach in Search with DSA targeting, utilizing top blog pages for additional traffic and conversions before broadening our reach with top-of-funnel keywords, targeting problem-aware and solution-based keywords.

Natural Dog Company is a dog skincare and supplement company that produces the highest-quality, 100% natural solutions for dogs of every age, size, breed, & gender.

Month Over Month Growth

Increase in Brand Lift
Beat ROAS Target by
Increase in Conversion Value

The Result

Just six months after taking over management, we scaled portfolio-level spend by 296% while still exceeding the client’s goals. Conversion value grew by almost $500k during this same time period with over $100,000 of that from non-brand Search campaigns alone. We also saw a 68% increase in brand lift year over year, with only 6 months of that year focused on growth.