This award-winning mineral sunscreen and skincare brand leads the market with all natural formulas. Their mission is to provide safe and effective products that offer clinical grade results. Backed by some of the World's most renowned Dermatologists, they believe in formulating products free of harmful ingredients, using 100% pure natural minerals, antioxidants, and botanicals.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Understanding that new customers bring long term revenue to their business, the brand wanted to increase the number of first time orders each month from the Google Ads channel. They sought an opportunity to use the channel to efficiently acquire new customers within a set return on ad spend goal (ROAS) and cost per new customer acquisition (CAC) goal.

The Approach

We identified Performance Max as an untapped campaign type that could expand our new customer acquisition (NCA) efforts in a high volume way. This goal-based campaign type would allow us to access all ad inventory from a single campaign, while only bidding for new customers. As part of the campaign targeting, we created audience signals using custom intent keywords, paired with remarketing lists. These signals gave the campaign the right combination of a desired "avatar" to target potential new customers who would be most likely to convert.

Using a mix of video, images, headlines, descriptions, and shopping listings, the audience signal was armed with every asset needed to serve on any ad type. The campaign incentivized users to convert with a rare % off discount on first orders.

We are very pleased with how quickly we were able to scale our new customer acquisition efforts within this performance range

Director Of Marketing

Month Over Month Growth

More First Time Order Revenue
Additional New Customers
Cost Per New Customer

The Results

The New Customer Acquisition Performance Max campaign brought in 1,352 additional new customers and over $125K in first order revenue within the first 5 months of launch.

Next Steps & Ongoing Strategy: 

The campaigns continue to acquire customers within the client's CAC goal, allowing us to scale and grow the campaign even further with new audience signals. Performance Max remains one of the most successful campaign types for acquiring new customers for the brand, at a profitable CAC.