How OMG Commerce Throttled BOOM! Cosmetics to a $5m Per Year Brand on Amazon

Boom by Cindy Joseph is a pro-age cosmetic and skincare line for women of every generation. Their goal is to take their pro-women, pro-age, pro-health message to women who want simple, effective skincare. The brand is all about helping women look their best at 50, 60, 70 and beyond.

The Challenge

BOOM! long hesitated to explore marketplace expansion out of concern for customer cannibalization and lost sales. This ultimately resulted in the missed opportunity of selling their products on the preferred shopping platform of much of their key demographic- Amazon. One of the primary goals for this brand was driving new awareness and scaling top of funnel traffic quickly.

OMG's unique approach to launching and building brands on Amazon helped BOOM! achieve all of their goals through marketplace expansion while addressing their concerns and ensuring that the impact to off-Amazon revenue was nominal.

The Approach

Upon launch, robust branded campaigns were set up to immediately begin driving impressions amongst high intent shoppers and doubling down on defensive real estate to recover ownership of branded traffic that was monopolized by competitors for far too long. Auto campaigns were implemented for initial testing during this keyword discovery phase.

After OMG's brand management team implemented cohesive branding across BOOM!'s listings and ensured all of the brand's products were "retail ready" with customer feedback, the next phase of advertising was initiated. Campaigns geared towards non-branded search terms and product targets were put in place in order to drive awareness higher in the funnel. OMG established comprehensive coverage by testing every available ad type end to end from Sponsored Products to Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display. While employing these ads, BOOM! continued to see accelerated revenue growth month over month. 

Once products met DSP thresholds, Demand Side ads were set up to tie this full funnel advertising approach together. While still exploring opportunities higher in the funnel by testing category/in-market targeting, OMG leveraged this ad type to ensure that no opportunities lower in the funnel slipped away through launching retargeting display ads on the DSP platform. 

Based on OMG's findings regarding site sales and Google ad performance while diversifying BOOM!'s marketplace presence, OMG immediately recognized how much value the data and insights from one platform can bring to another platform. This led to OMG placing a higher emphasis on knowledge sharing between teams and ramping up brainstorming sessions between team members who specialize in different marketplaces.

Month Over Month Growth

Total Sales Growth
Increase in remarketing conversion value
Growth in Google Ad Value

The Results

Boom! Has largely confirmed OMG's belief that a holistic approach to PPC management, brand management and brand building is the key to successfully launching brands on Amazon today. The impact that each role plays and has on one another was undeniably apparent during this brand launch. This resulted in OMG standardizing procedures that helped tie these various endeavors together and facilitating stronger interdepartmental communication and collaboration.