Amazon Brand Management

Create a better Amazon Experience with a fully optimized listing for each product.

Amazon Listing Optimizations

Product Detail Page Optimization: With our Brand Management for Amazon services, we will optimize your page to help grab your customer’s attention and help Amazon’s search engine understand more fully what you’re selling. When optimizing your product pages, we utilize our years of SEO experience to discover and implement the keywords and formats that will move the needle for your business.

A+ Content Development: A+ (Formerly EBC) content allows you to showcase your products within the context of your brand story. Our process enhances user engagement by implementing your product images into a template built for each product detail page that includes engaging content that meets Amazon SEO standards to create a user experience that will draw them into your brand and products.

Education: Inform your potential customers about the benefits and advantages of your products.

Keyword Research: With our Amazon optimization services, we’ll identify relevant keywords and maximize the benefit of optimized titles, bullet points, and descriptions.

Collaborative Process: We’ll have you approve the layout we’ve chosen and the content we’ve written.