50+ Email Marketing Tests You Need Right Now

These proven tests offer actionable insights to enhance every step of your customer's journey.

“A/B testing is like the compounding interest of the marketing world”

— Nick Flint, OMG Email Marketing Strategist

If you do just 1 of the tests on this list, you’ll see a boost in sales. But if you take the time to go through all of them, you’ll see a HUGE impact on your revenue and reinvent your business in the process.

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Profitable Email Marketing

These small tests can have a huge impact on your email marketing revenue, which should be one of your most profitable marketing channels. The proven tests we lay out in this guide will give you tangible ideas on how you can improve results on every step of your customer’s journey.

The Facts

We use these tests for our clients, and the results speak for themselves with an average of over 30% of their revenue coming from email + SMS. Just look at it this way. If your highest performing flow is your welcome flow, what if you had 2x as many people going through that flow every single day? That’s what A/B testing can do for you.

Does twice as many emails on your list sound appealing?
Keep reading.

  • If you improve your popup conversion rate from 2% of website visitors to 4%, you just doubled the amount of people entering your welcome flow. That’s a great start.

  • Now if you adjust your welcome flow AND it converts 20% of recipients instead of 10%. You just QUADRUPLED the amount of sales you brought it. All by making some minor tweaks to your initial popup and the flow they enter.

Back of the napkin math:

  • 1,000 website visitors x 2% popup conversion (20 people) x 10% flow conversion = 2 purchasers

  • 1,000 website visitors x 4% popup conversion (40 people) x 20% flow conversion = 8 purchasers

Now imagine what your results could look like if you implement all 50 tests we’re giving you with this guide. I can see the wheels turning now, you’re ready to dive in and start testing!