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Episode 152
Arlen Robinson - OSI Affiliate Software

Referral Marketing Programs for eCommerce

Referrals are great, but just waiting for them to happen on their own is NOT a formula for rapid growth.

Episode 151
Josh & Becca Hadley - Hadley Designs

Lessons in Amazon Growth from a Husband & Wife Team - Josh and Becca Hadley

This eCommerce power couple is ON FIRE. They are cranking out AMAZING products on Amazon and growing fast.

Episode 150
Bob Regnerus - Feedstories

3 Things Facebook Advertisers Should Do Right Now

Facebook is still a land of opportunity, but it is NOT currently smooth sailing. The most powerful storm right now, privacy concerns.

Episode 149
Andrew Youderian - Ecommerce Fuel

2021 Predictions Show

Andrew Youderian is a bit of a legend - that’s why I’m pumped to have him on the show this week to talk predictions for the rest of 2021.

Episode 148
Adi Arezzini - Teami Blends

Step-by-Step Influencer Marketing + Community Building for Rapid Growth

How does potty talk on Instagram lead to a thriving eComm brand and a world-class influencer marketing program?

Episode 147
Emma Schermer Tamir - Marketing by Emma

Branding + Listing Optimization on Amazon

My guest today is Emma Schermer Tamir - Co-founder of Marketing by Emma.

Episode 146
Ken Kline - VHC Brands

Handling Adversity, Setbacks and Constant Change in eCommerce

Few eComm and wholesale businesses reach the heights that VHC Brands has reached under the leadership of Ken Kline.

Episode 145
Jared Mitchell - Skincare by Alana

Overlooked Growth Hacks (How to NOT be a One Trick Pony)

Jared Mitchell has a unique perspective on the eCommerce industry.

Episode 144
Chris Brewer - OMG Commerce

Cyber 5 2020 Recap

Here are five key observations, so far, for Holiday 2020. 

Episode 143
Colby Bauer - Thread Wallets

Building & Protecting Culture - The Story of Thread Wallets

Colby Bauer has personality. He’s a half-pipe skating, snowboarding, former collegiate athlete who turned an idea into an eComm business.

Episode 142
Phil Roireau - Gorgias

Turning Conversational Commerce Into a Competitive Advantage

Conversational commerce. What is it?

Episode 141
Chris Tyler - OMG Commerce

Prime Day + Early Holiday Insights

This year’s Prime Day was in October vs. Amazon’s usual July time frame. What did this mean for 2020 Prime day vs. 2019 Prime Day?

Episode 140
Khierstyn Ross - Founder of Launch and Scale

6-Figure Product Launches on Kickstarter

Khierstyn Ross is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to launching products on Kickstarter. She knows what to do and what to avoid.

Episode 139
Dan LeBlanc - Daasity

Making Data Actionable and Developing a Data 6-Pack

What do six-packs, successful pilots and 2020 have in common? No, it’s not a drinking game. We’re talking data here people!

Episode 138
Sean Frank - Ridge Wallets

The Integrated YouTube Influencer Strategy Ridge Wallets Used to Build a $60 Million eCommerce Business

These integrated video ads are Ridge Wallets secret sauce.

Episode 137
Kevin Urrutia - Chester Travel

SEO, Content & Influencer Marketing

Kevin Urrutia and team at Chester Travel are getting creative and hustling to drive sales and set themselves up for success in the future.

Episode 136
Chris Lynch - Everyday California

Line Extension and Licensing to Fuel Growth

When should you partner, license, go on your own, or scrap an idea?

Episode 135
Peter Awad - Mission Meats

Balancing Growth on Amazon & Your Own Store

Peter Awad is a long time eCommerce pro. Now he and his co-founder Nick have built a meat snack store with a mission.

Episode 134
Molly Pittman - CEO Smart Marketer & John Grimshaw - CMO Smart Marketer

Navigating Volatility with FB Ads and Turning Problems Into Opportunities

These are two of my favorite people to interview and today I have them both with me for the same episode. And it’s a doozy.

Episode 133
Brett Curry - OMG Commerce

5 Ways to Dominate the Cyber 5 in 2020

This year’s online holiday shopping season will be one for the record books.

Episode 132
Chris Tyler - OMG Commerce

The Two Hottest Trends in Amazon Advertising - Sponsored Brand Video and DSP

In this episode, I wanted to bring on the sharpest mind in Amazon Advertising that I know - OMG’s very own Chris Tyler.

Episode 131
Trent Dyrsmid - Bright Ideas Podcast

Systems for Growing an Amazon Business to #254 on the Inc. 5000 List

Is something broken in your business? Not reaching your growth goals like you’d hoped? You likely have a systems or delegation problem.

Episode 130
Michael Jamin - Twirly Girl

eCommerce Branding and Storytelling with a Hollywood Script Writer & eComm Merchant

Michael Jamin knows a thing or two about telling a good story.

Episode 129
Greg Powell - Tactical Marketing Co

3 Keys to Run A Successful Affiliate Program in 2020

I first met my guest, Greg Powell, while we were both providing consulting services for another agency. I instantly could tell that he knew