Episode 51

Tips for Better Lead Magnets, Exit Pops, and Page Takeovers

Lindsey Morando - Hello Bar
July 20, 2018
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While exit pops, lead magnets, page takeovers are not necessarily new, I love the approach that Lindsey and her team at Hello Bar take to improve online conversions.

I met Lindsey through a good friend of mine and was immediately impressed with her approach. She’s strategic in her use of conversion tools.  Many merchants just sort of throw tools together and hope that something works. Anyone who’s listened to this podcast for any length of time knows that I’m a huge fan of good data and letting data speak.  Lindsey takes a data driven approach to creating better use of conversion tools and lead magnets.

Here’s a quick look at what we dive into on this call:

  • Why customers actually prefer page takeovers to other exit pops (and the numbers back it up)
  • Headline tips from marketing masters and why your current headlines might suck
  • How Neil Patel gets more conversions on his properties
  • Headline formulas to get more clicks, signups and sales
  • Lead magnet ideas that drive conversion vs. lead magnets that lead to eye rolls.
  • Plus more conversion optimization gold

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