Episode 47

Scale Up with 7 Tips for Full Funnel eCommerce Growth

Brett Curry - OMG Commerce
May 30, 2018
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To scale an ecommerce business you can’t be a one-trick pony when it comes to traffic generation.  Pushing past 7 figures into 8 figures and beyond requires a focus on reaching customers at every stage of the shopping funnel.  Having a “hodge podge” mix of campaigns won’t cut it either. You need a team of campaigns that attract customers at different stages of the funnel and pulls them through to conversion.

Recently I spoke at a marketing conference in St. Louis on the topic of full funnel growth.  I outlined 7 keys for smart full funnel growth including:

Why You Need a Team of Campaigns – how getting your campaigns to work together is a lot like building a world-class basketball team.  

Better measurement – when you apply the wrong measurements to your campaigns you stifle growth.  Bad data leads to killing successful campaigns prematurely or running weak campaigns for too long.  

How Google Shopping, AdWords and YouTube work together – While Google Shopping is super competitive now, I remain extremely bullish on using it as a channel.  Add to that a powerful AdWords strategy and then a YouTube strategy built for eCommerce and look out! Big things can happen.  

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