Episode 167

Prime Day 2021 Recap

Chris Tyler - OMG Commerce
July 7, 2021
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Prime Day 2021 was a year of firsts.  It was the first year Prime Day took place in 2nd quarter.  From 2015 to 2019 Prime Day was in July.  In 2020, due to the pandemic, Prime Day was moved to October and became the de facto kickoff to holiday shopping.  

This year was also the first year that Prime Day experienced year-over-year growth of 10% or less.  But when the 2-day event brings in $10-11 billion in sales, any year-over-year growth still represents HUGE growth in real dollars.  

For this episode, I brought in OMG’s Amazon Director Chris Tyler to help unpack what we experienced with our clients this year during Prime Day.  Here’s a look at what we discuss:

  • Some surprises we saw in the OMG client sales data
  • How advertisers may have been more excited than shoppers this Prime Day
  • Prime Day may not be a great fit for every seller - some categories crushed it during Prime Day, other categories were “meh.”
  • Why inventory issues for many sellers influenced the prevalence of deep discounts and likely took some of the urgency out of Prime Day shopping.  
  • The strange shopping behavior we saw during day 2 of Prime Day. 
  • How to maximize Prime Day or holiday shopping by thinking Full Funnel with your ad approach
  • Plus more!

Chris Tyler

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