Episode 53

Leveraging Sales Funnels Like a Boss

Brandon Poulin - Lady Boss
August 9, 2018
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While I’ve spent most of my marketing career focused on driving traffic that converts, I know the importance of a good landing page and sales funnel.  A few months ago I met The Lady Boss. Kaelin Poulin and her husband Brandon when I spoke at an event in Atlanta.

I was struck by how good they’ve been at building funnels, building community, and selling products.  First a little about Brandon, then an overview of our discussion.

Brandon Poulin is CEO and Co-Founder of LadyBoss, the first global weight loss system and support community for women. With the help of his rockstar wife Kaelin and their leadership team, he has helped transform the lives of over 140,000 customers across the world. With its 4 unique product lines having accumulated tens of millions in revenue, Brandon and his team at LadyBoss are disrupting the weight loss industry by simply focusing on helping women lose weight while loving themselves again.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to approach building a new funnel?
  • Keys to a successful funnel
  • Diagnosing and improving struggling funnels
  • Building a community and a following like a Boss
  • Plus more!

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