Episode 16

Leveraging Funnels and Building a Movement

Russell Brunson
May 31, 2017
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Few entrepreneurs achieve what Russell Brunson has. From selling “how to make potato gun” information in his college dorm to 40,000 paid monthly subscribers on Clickfunnels, his current SaaS platform, Russell knows how to make stuff happen. That’s why leaders like Tony Robbins and The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis speak at Russell’s events and even go to him for marketing advice.

In today’s episode we cover:
– What a successful ecomm funnels look like
– Top ecommerce funnel mistakes
– Why building a movement and building a brand should go together
– How expert status can help combat the “race to the bottom”
– Russell’s incredible story of selling how to make potato gun information online in college to huge SaaS Business and events with Tony Robbins, Marcus Lemonis, etc.
– Traffic sources Russell is most excited about

Mentioned in this Episode:
Russell Brunson
“Expert Secrets” book by Russell Brunson
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Dave Asprey – Founder and CEO of Bulletproof – Blog
Dave Asprey Podcast – Bulletproof Radio
“Why We Buy” by Paco Underhill (Revised) – Amazon
The J. Peterman Company
“Made to Stick” book by Chip & Dan Heath
IRCE – Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition
OBS – Open Broadcaster Software – Using It for Facebook LIVE Videos
ClickFunnels Community on Facebook (Over 60,000 Members)

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