Episode 72

Leveraging Chatbots and Messenger Ads for Growth

Steve Chou - My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast
April 24, 2019
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Steve Chou is an eCommerce podcast host, eCommerce store owner, and former microprocessor designer.  In fact, the microprocessor running the phone in your hand was likely designed by Steve’s team. All of that to say, Steve is a pretty smart dude.

I recently saw Steve in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World where we were both speaking.  We had lunch and talked a little about Chatbots. I was instantly intrigued. Chatbots and Messenger ads have huge potential to create more helpful, more personal experiences with your brand.  All with the goal of increasing sales and building loyalty.

Here’s a quick look at what Steve and I discuss…

  • The rules behind using Messenger as a business.  Facebook is very strict here. If you don’t know the rules, you’ll likely get yourself into trouble.
  • How often should you send promotional messages on Messenger?
  • When to run true Messenger Ads vs. when you can run other ad types on Facebook but tie in Messenger in a stealthy way (this will save you some money on ads).
  • How Steve is using Messenger bots to cut down on customer service calls by 70%.
  • How Steve sees using chatbots in the future.
  • Steve’s favorite tools for chatbots.  
  • Plus more!

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