Episode 49

Lessons from the Best Companies on Big Commerce

Tracey Wallace - Doris Sleep
June 27, 2018
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Tracey Wallace has a unique perspective on eCommerce.  As Editor-in-Chief at BigCommerce she has the distinct privilege of rubbing shoulders with the top eCommerce brands on the BigCommerce platform.  And the BigCommerce is home to some pretty impressive eCommerce stores such as Skullcandy, Cargill, Sharp, Camelbak and more….

In this podcast we talk about some key eCommerce success factors and how some of the best and brightest store owners on BigCommerce are winning.  We dive into important topics such as:

  • Why you need to spend time perfecting your Product Detail Pages (PDPs).  As a reference see what companies likeBliss World Cosmetics, Kelty and Solo store have created amazing PDPs.  
  • How to build community by leveraging micro influencers and by creating amazing content.
  • Payments! How understanding Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Consumer Financing can help you improve checkout and increase conversion rates.  
  • Plus more!

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