Episode 76

Lessons from Shark Tank + Bootstrap Marketing

John Pinto - Boom.Boom
June 5, 2019
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My buddy, Johnny Pinto, has a unique product, a unique story, and a unique approach to eCommerce growth.  He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Boom.Boom. Boom.Boom produces an essential oil based inhaler that refreshes and energizes you.  These types of inhalers are super popular in South East Asia, and Boom.Boom is determined to make them popular in the US too. The story of Boom.Boom is chock full of fantastic marketing and entrepreneurial lessons.

John got his start in business working for an LA start-up that would later become SnackNation which is now a 200 person thriving company.  When John joined he was one of 3 employees. That’s also where he met our mutual friend and host of the eCommerce Influence podcast – Austin Brawner.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I’m confident you will too.  Here’s a look at what we cover:

  • How John has masterfully used bootstrap marketing and “sampling” to propel his company’s growth – you should too!  
  • How John and his wife Chelsea got on Shark Tank.
  • What he learned from being in the tank and why they ultimately walked away from a deal.
  • How they went viral on Twitter AND ended up on Ellen.  
  • How he’s perfected the art of boot-strap marketing.  Most eCommerce companies overlook this to their detriment.  
  • Their philosophy for building long-form PDP pages that convert!
  • What’s next for BoomBoom!

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