Episode 62

How to Sell More Using Humor

Lianna Patch - Punchline Conversion Copywriting
November 21, 2018
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Interested in better email campaigns, more persuasive product detail pages and more irresistible videos?  Maybe you need to start incorporating a little humor.  

By now we’ve all seen a Harmon Brother’s video (Think Poo Pourri and Squatty Potty) and we’ve seen the magical effect those videos can have when launching a product….Or maybe you recall the simple, Dollar Shave Club video that launched an empire that Unilever bought for $1 Billion.  But…we’ve also seen some funny ads that did zero selling. Sometimes we can’t even remember what product the ad was for after we saw it, but it did make us laugh.

So what’s the difference? How can you use humor to actually sell?

A few months ago I was speaking at a Blue Ribbon Mastermind event run by Ezra Firestone and I heard another speaker and immediately fell in love with her topic – using humor to sell more.

Lianna Patch is the Founder of Punchline Copy.  She has a wealth of experience as a standup comedian, and improv actor, and a copywriter for eCommerce brands.  In this episode we dive into the following:

  • How to blend humor with persuasion for better conversion rates
  • Where you should use humor first
  • What ecommerce companies properly use humor
  • How a jewelry store leverage humor for double digit improvements in conversion rates
  • How to use humor in emails even if (or especially if) your product category is “boring” or even “B2B”.
  • What eCommerce companies get humor right.
  • Plus more

Check it out!

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