Episode 54

How Better Data Feeds Lead to Bigger Profits

Brian Roizen - Feedonomics
August 22, 2018
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The company with the best data feeds wins.  That’s maybe not the kind of comment you hear too often and it’s not going to be the headline for any motivational posters.  But, there is some truth to it.

On this episode my guest is Brian Roizen, Co-Founder and Chief Architect for Feedonomics, a full-service product feed platform.  While it’s not always true that the company with the best data feed wins, I do believe that your marketing efforts can only be as good as the data that feeds them.

In this episode we get slightly nerdy, but also really practical.
Here’s a look at what we cover.

– Why it’s worth the time to build a good feed.  In a saturated environment you have to differentiate.  A good data feed is one way to help your products stand out.  

– How the perfect feed + perfect campaign structure is where you can really gain a competitive edge in Google Shopping and other channels.  

– Top feed mistakes to avoid  

– Amazon feed tips for world-class Amazon product listings

– How to automate Amazon repricing for competitive niches

– Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

– Facebook feed tips

– How Walmart is growing ecommerce through acquisition and how to profit from their marketplace.  

– Google Manufacturer Center why and when you should take control of it

– Plus more!

Mentioned in this Episode:

Feedonomics – The #1 Full-Service Product Feed Platform

Manufacturer Center – Google

Amazon Brand Registry – Help Protect Your Brand on Amazon

Facebook Dynamic Ads – Remarketing Your Website Products

eCommerce Evolution Podcast edited by Jonny Reese at STudio JRS

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